Marvel's College Football Comic Covers Will Haunt Your Dreams

Monday, 22 August 2016 - 5:25PM
Monday, 22 August 2016 - 5:25PM
Marvel's College Football Comic Covers Will Haunt Your Dreams
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There was a time when sports comics were more of a fixture in popular culture, but for some reason they've always been a bit of a hard sell. From Marvel's bizarre tennis Manga, '15 Love', to their widely-derided 'Super Pro' NFL series, sports and comicbooks have never made brilliant bedfellows. It's for that exact reason that we were a little surprised to hear that Marvel would once again be revisiting the world of sports to help promote the opening weekend of this year's college football season.

The partnership, with sister company ESPN, tasks Marvel artists to pay homage to classic comicbook covers of yesteryear but, you know, with weird looking mascots instead of actual superheroes. The result is a disturbing trip into the uncanny valley in which nobody will really come out thinking that this was a good idea.

First up, here's the cover for Ole Miss vs Florida State Seminoles in which the latter's Native American namesakes have been switched out for some strange, flying rock-people.

(Credit: Sean Chen and Chris Sotomayor/ESPN/Marvel)

Here's Notre Dame's Fighting Irishman facing off against a Texas Longhorn that's clearly used its gift of opposable thumbs to hit the gym...hard.

(Credit: Rags Morales and Chris Sotomayor/ESPN/Marvel)

Speaking of animals using the gift of opposable thumbs to hit the gym and get jacked, here's a couple more. Seriously, look at the guns on these...things?

(Credit: Tom Raney Rachelle Rosenberg/ESPN/Marvel)

Next up, and probably the most disturbing of all, is the LSU/Wisconsin cover, which features animals that wouldn't look out of place in the new TMNT movies.

(Credit: Admira Wijaya/ESPN/Marvel)

Here's a Trojan fighting an Elephant, which is at least kind of historically accurate, given that War Elephants were used occasionally by Greek Kings.

(Credit: Tom Grummett, Wayne Faucher and Chris Sotomayor/ESPN/Marvel)

Finally, here's one that's actually kind of cute. It's Clemson and Auburn's Tigers looking like they're actually having quite a nice time.

(Credit: Craig Rousseau and Chris Sotomayor/ESPN/Marvel)

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