6 Rogue One Theories After That Revealing New Trailer

Monday, 17 October 2016 - 11:50AM
Star Wars
Star Wars: Rogue One
Monday, 17 October 2016 - 11:50AM
6 Rogue One Theories After That Revealing New Trailer
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The final Rogue One trailer was finally released last week, and it left Star Wars fans reeling. In addition to tons of Easter Eggs and Jyn's "many-tentacled friend," the footage revealed lots of new tidbits about the plot which, in turn, supported several burgeoning fan theories. Here are six fan theories that have been gaining traction ever since the trailer came out:

Galen Erso goes to work for the Imperials, to secretly take them down

Based on the trailer, we can gather that Galen Erso is forced to work for the Empire as he is "critical to the development of the superweapon," aka the Death Star. Galen could refuse to do it, of course, but he tells Jyn he's doing what he can to protect her. Did he mean he would help create the Death Star so the Imperials wouldn't hurt Jyn, or because he knew if he were on the inside, he could ultimately take down the Death Star and the Empire with it? Bold move, Galen! 

Jyn doesn't know anything about her father's activities

The Rebels clearly want to use Jyn to get to her father, since he's the key to creating the Death Star. The footage raised the question of whether Jyn is aware that her father was taken to work for the Empire. From the trailer, it seems as though Jyn hasn't had much contact with Galen since she was a child. It's possible she has no clue what her father's been up to, and maybe her feelings of abandonment caused her to rebel and get arrested by the Empire. (It wouldn't be the first time a Star Wars character acted out as a result of bad parenting.)

Jyn tries to rescue her father, but Galen is killed by Darth Vader

In one of the trailer clips, Jyn is undercover as an Imperial Gunner of some sort, so it's safe to assume she's trying to find a way into the Death Star to find her father. If history repeats itself, then Jyn's rescue mission won't go as planned. It seems likely that Galen will be killed, and the trailer even shows him in physical distress on the floor while someone overlooks him. Could it be that Darth Vader kills him for trying to sabotage the Death Star? 

The Rebels attack Imperial forces as a distraction for Jyn

From the trailer, we get a glimpse of the X-wings engaged in a space battle. Could it be that while Jyn and a small team infiltrate the Death Star, the Rebels attack from space? It's unclear at this point if the Rebel squadron is attacking the Death Star or another Imperial ship, but we do know that Jyn says they will "take the next chance, and the next." It's obvious that the Rebellion knows their chances of success are slim, but they aren't going to let that stop their mission, even if it means taking drastic measures to cause a distraction.

Emperor Palpatine Cameo?

Although he's not on the cast list, fans are hoping that Emperor Palpatine will make an appearance. Whether it's in person or through hologram, it wouldn't be a surprise if Palpatine did make his presence known, especially during the construction of the Death Star!

A scene in the trailer shows a hooded figure in a room with two Royal Guards, and the cloaked person is moving towards what looks like a Bacta tank. It's very possibly that it's Emperor Palpatine, and perhaps he's using a bacta tank to keep himself alive. (He did suffer serious wounds in Episode III). Besides, who else surrounds himself with Royal Guards?

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More Original Character Cameos

Fans have been dying to see young versions of one of the original characters. I doubt we'll see a young Han Solo or even Chewbacca (although you never know), but perhaps a young Princess Leia will make an appearance. After all, Bail Organa is listed as being in the film, so there's a good chance little Leia might be in tow with him. 
Rogue One: A Star Wars Story hits theaters December 16th.
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