Our Final Prediction for Negan's Kill, Based on All of the Evidence

Thursday, 20 October 2016 - 10:55AM
The Walking Dead
Thursday, 20 October 2016 - 10:55AM
Our Final Prediction for Negan's Kill, Based on All of the Evidence
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It's the home stretch, Walking Dead fans, and we're just a few days away from knowing who Negan killed. But after months of speculation and fan theories, do we know already? Judging from set photos, casting news, filming spoilers, rumors, and statements from the cast and producers, we just might.

Let's break this down. There were eleven people on Negan's chopping block: Rick, Carl, Daryl, Glenn, Michonne, Eugene, Aaron, Sasha, Rosita, Abraham, and Maggie. The only people who can be ruled out 100% are Rick and Carl, because Negan threatened to feed Carl's other eye to his father if anyone moved to save the victim, and Rick was seen in the season seven preview footage anyway. Here is all of the evidence for and against each of the nine remaining characters' deaths, vaguely in order of least to most likely:

Aaron and Rosita

Aaron and Rosita were already pretty much eliminated out of sheer common sense, since the audience isn't attached enough to them for their deaths to be impactful. So it was no surprise when set photos seemed to confirm that they're still alive as of mid-season. 


Michonne was a little more of a wildcard, since Danai Gurira was recently cast in Black Panther. But the role seems to be relatively small, and the same set photos seem to confirm that she's still alive. There's a chance that they're flashbacks, but that seems unlikely based on all of the other evidence.

Sasha and Eugene

We haven't seen set photos of either of these characters, but set spoilers from The Spoiling Dead Fans confirm that they've both been seen filming past the premiere. Plus, it would be incredibly lame if it were either of these two characters, right?


From the beginning, Daryl has been a prime contender, since he's a fan favorite who doesn't have an iconic death from the comics to draw from. This speculation intensified after that revealing footage at New York Comic Con, which showed Daryl's bloody blanket on the ground next to the carnage. But we don't really buy it, and not only because the fans would riot, but because The Spoiling Dead Fans claim that Daryl will be taken hostage by Negan and live with the Saviors for the first few episodes, which would still be consistent with the footage. 

Plus, Norman Reedus has been a huge part of the season's promotion, and often speaks about working with his personal friend Jeffrey Dean Morgan. Just this week, Reedus was talking about working with Morgan and how much the actor has brought to the show, speaking only in present tense. He's not even trying to pretend Daryl got killed off at this point.


Many fans have been zeroing in on Maggie, for several reasons: first, she was seen on a beach during season seven's filming. Second, her character was pregnant last season, and some say it would be difficult for the show to handle the logistics of two young children (although they could just ignore the baby, like they usually ignore Judith). And finally, Maggie was sitting on Rick's right-hand side, and Jeffrey Dean Morgan told us to follow the blood spatter.


Michael Cudlitz has given some heavy-handed hints that his character is still alive, including saying that we'll "get to see a world with both Abraham and Negan" next season and that after Denise's death, fans "know that Abraham will continue for a while now." But we're dubious of those hints for several reasons: first, Cudlitz has been seen gallivanting around Europe with Gale Ann Hurd to promote the show during the filming of the seventh season, also, Denise taking his iconic comic book death probably means he'll get some other epic comic book death, and most importantly, the actors have clearly been sworn to secrecy, so it seems less likely that he's spoiling his character's fate and more likely that he's trying to mislead fans.

Furthermore, that footage might also point to Abraham, rather than Maggie. Abraham was on Maggie's right-hand side, which might put him in just the right place to cause a small splash of blood across Rick's cheek. Plus, Negan seems to taunt Rick that he's just killed his "right-hand man," which could refer to Daryl or Glenn, but probably doesn't refer to Maggie.


And yeah, let's talk about Glenn. At first, we thought TWD would avoid killing Glenn, in order to avoid conforming to expectations from the comics. But then, Steven Yeun was cast in Voltron: The Legendary Defender. And then, he was cast in a starring role in Okja, which was filming in Seoul at the same time the season seven was filming in Atlanta. And this is subjective, but every time we've seen The Walking Dead at press events, Yeun has been the quietest of all the cast members, and the most careful when he speaks.

Glenn and Abraham

But this is what we really think happened. Greg Nicotero seemed to confirm last month that multiple characters met Lucille, and Jeffrey Dean Morgan seemed to accidentally do the same thing in a recent interview. But more importantly, according to The Spoiling Dead Fans, they are the only two cast members who haven't been seen filming since the premiere. 

Plus, this choice just makes the most sense. The Walking Dead runs on shock value and fan service, so it makes perfect sense for the writers to surprise fans of the comics by giving Abraham a similar death to Glenn in the 100th issue, and then pull a fast one and have Negan kill Glenn as well. That would be exactly the kind of trick we all complain about on Twitter on Monday morning.

What do you think?

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