Passenger Jet In 'Narrow Miss' With UFO

Wednesday, 01 May 2013 - 5:52PM
Wednesday, 01 May 2013 - 5:52PM
Passenger Jet In 'Narrow Miss' With UFO
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The BBC reported today that a passenger plane had a 'near miss' with a UFO on its final approach to Glasgow airport in Scotland. 


Conditions at the time of the incident were said to be clear, with the craft at an altitude of around 4,000 feet above the Glasgow area, when all of a sudden, the pilot reported seeing an object coming towards his vessel at a distance of around 100m.


In a report to the UK Airprox board, the pilot of the Airbus A320 jet said that he judged the likelihood of a collision to be high, but was unable to take any action due to the speed of the incident.


What has most people baffled though, is the fact the object did not show on the pilot's radar readings, nor on those of the local air traffic control center in Glasgow.


The full report, which is available here, also includes a partial transcript  from the communication between Air Traffic control and the Flight crew after the incident. The transcript, which you can see below, reveals the utter confusion of the flight crew...


A320: "Glasgow Approach [A320 C/S]"


EGPF: "[A320 C/S] pass your message"


A320: "Er yeah we just had something pass underneath us quite close [1255:30] and nothing on TCAS have you got anything on in our area"


EGPF: "Er negative er we've got nothing on er radar and we're n- not talking to any traffic either"


A320: "Er not quite sure what it was but it definitely er quite large [1255:40] and it's blue and yellow"


EGPF: "OK that's understood er do you have a an estimate for the height"


A320: "Maybe er [1255:50] yeah we were probably about erm four hundred to five hundred feet above it so it's probably about three and a half thousand feet."


The incident has now been fully investigated by the UK Airprox Board, a government agency responsible for improving flight safety and processing flight reports. The results of the investigations were, however, inconclusive. With the conclusion being drawn that the blue and yellow object could not have been a fixed wing aircraft, nor could it have been anything like a balloon or a hang glider.


For now at least, this incident can be filed in the elite category of being completely unsolved. If you have any ideas what could have caused such an incident, let us know below.





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