Russell Crowe to Star in Adaptation of Stephen King’s 'Revival'

Thursday, 15 December 2016 - 6:47PM
Thursday, 15 December 2016 - 6:47PM
Russell Crowe to Star in Adaptation of Stephen King’s 'Revival'
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Director Josh Boone is currently working on a handful of projects, including the Fox project New Mutants and an adaptation of Stephen King's immensely popular The Stand. However, it was announced some time ago that Boone is also working on another adaptation of the acclaimed author's horror novels: Revival. Though little has been said about the project since its announcement, it looks like the ball has finally started rolling, as the director just confirmed that Russell Crowe will be starring in one of the lead roles of Revival in an interview with Creative Screenwriting.

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I was able to write it in a very pleasant bubble and we attached Russell Crowe. I plan to make that right after New Mutants.
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Revival is a story about Jamie, a rhythm guitarist in a cover band, who keeps having run-ins with his self-described "fifth business," a preacher from his childhood called Reverend Jacobs. Jacobs loses his family in a traumatic car crash, an event that causes him to lose his faith and (spoiler) become a mad scientist/dark magician. He experiments with a secret electricity, joins a circus, uses his mystical discoveries to "heal" people - all of it part of his lifelong search for answers. The novel spans the majority of a lifetime, and the age range for both the protagonist and Rev. Jacobs is quite large. Meaning, Crowe could be cast in either of the major roles; he's the right age for both characters, depending on what point in the narrative he'll be featured in.    

Crowe has had more than a little experience acting in recent sci-fi/fantasy flicks; he's played Jor-El, the father of Superman, in the DCEU's first installment, Man of Steel, and as the titular character in Noah. Of course, those aren't even his most notable film appearances, and Boone is likely thrilled to have such a high profile actor attached to the project. With a new surge of Stephen King adaptations coming in the next few years, hopefully Crowe and Boone will be able to work together to do the novel justice and make Revival a truly memorable experience.  

Boone expects to start principal photography on Revival after he finishes New Mutants, which still has a TBD release date.
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