Felicia Day Returns to 'Con Man,' and Brings Lou Ferrigno with Her

Thursday, 29 December 2016 - 12:58PM
Thursday, 29 December 2016 - 12:58PM
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Only on Con Man would you get to see a full adaptation of John Steinbeck's Of Mice and Men starring Lou Ferrigno. Not to mention that it's a musical, performed in the locked basement of a Comic Con, called—of course—"I'm With Stupid."

A lot of the jokes are dependent on a working knowledge of the novella/play, particularly the prophetic song "Turn Around and Bang" and the absurd level of violence against Curly's wife (played by Mindy Sterling, naturally) after "accidentally" breaking her neck, which includes beating her with a live pig. But many of the jokes are funny on their own, particularly Nathan Fillion's revelation to Wray that the popular musical "has already become a meme, a gif, and a "questionable line of educational toys" (hee). 

There were also plenty of amusing riffs on convention culture, as well as lots of geeky cameos. Ferrigno's appearance was probably the most on-point, since he's at literally EVERY con, and Felicia Day made a welcome return as Wray's former assistant and decoy (who now faces the bigger challenge of doubling for Lou Ferrigno - no pun intended). And it also (possibly inadvertently) explained one of the biggest mysterious of Comic Cons: why the talent is almost always late. They're performing in a musical written by Lou Ferrigno!

These episodes weren't quite as funny as last week, probably because, in spite of its name, Con Man recently succeeds more as a satire of show business than as a satire of convention culture. And a couple of the gags were straight up mean-spirited, like the allusion to stars sleeping with scantily-clad women at cons (because of course a woman in a revealing outfit can't just be there to nerd out with everyone else). But still, this season overall has been a fun ride and a significant improvement on the first.

Next week: Stan Lee!

Con Man season two is now streaming on Comic Con HQ.
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