Director James Cameron Announces a Sci-Fi Documentary Series

Sunday, 15 January 2017 - 9:33PM
Sunday, 15 January 2017 - 9:33PM
Director James Cameron Announces a Sci-Fi Documentary Series
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Considering how many successful sci-fi movies James Cameron has made, with little-known flicks like The TerminatorAliens, and Avatar under his belt, it should come as little surprise that he's got a lot of love for the genre. And he'll now be getting the chance of his life to geek out about it, as AMC announced at a Television Film Critics press tour that they've greenlit a documentary series by Cameron on the history of science fiction. For the sake of clarity, it's going to be called James Cameron's Story of Science Fiction. 

AMC explained that the series will be comprised of six hour-long episodes, each focusing on one of the "big questions" that the genre has tackled over the years. As possible examples, Cameron referred to the more literal questions like "How will the world end?" and "Will technology destroy us?" to more abstract fare like "What does it mean to be human?" And since sci-fi has existed wherever there's a creative medium, he's said the show is planned to involve movies, TV, books and video games.

As to where specifically he'll start, he listed some more essentials he'd be including, offering special praise to Stanley Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey as what inspired him to start making films:
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"With this series, we are going back to the origins of sci-fi, following the DNA of these ideas back to the source. Without Jules Verne and H.G. Wells there wouldn't have been Ray Bradbury or Robert A. Heinlein, and without them, there wouldn't be Lucas, Spielberg, Ridley Scott or me. As a filmmaker who specializes in science fiction, I'm interested in exploring the struggles and the triumphs that brought these incredible stories to life and seeing how art imitates life, as well as how science fiction imitates and sometimes informs science."
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It should be interesting to see how he brings in his own work, whether he chooses to be humble and leave The Terminator off his list of essential works, or whether he embraces how The Terminator gets to be on a list of essential works. He'll also be turning to the Seattle Museum of Pop Culture, which runs the Science Fiction and Fantasy Hall of Fame, to help consult him with their expansive library of deep cuts in the genre.

The documentary series is currently scheduled to premiere in 2018.

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