Watch an Exclusive Clip of Alan Tudyk's "Con Man" and Check Out Stan Lee's Cameo!

Friday, 20 January 2017 - 10:47AM
Friday, 20 January 2017 - 10:47AM
Watch an Exclusive Clip of Alan Tudyk's "Con Man" and Check Out Stan Lee's Cameo!
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Following up on the amazing musical episode with Lou Ferrigno, Alan Tudyk's "Con Man" is back with the most official nerd cred possible: a legit Stan Lee cameo. This time Wray (Tudyk) and the crew (including Nathan Fillion) are headed to Shock-a-Con to plug their new totally-not-Serenity movie, Spectrum. And once again, things are weird, ridiculous, and just a little bit tragic. 

Episode 9: Back to The Past

"Back to the Past" is basically the setup episode—it starts with two painfully upbeat and energetic con "news casters" who are covering the events of Shock-a-Con despite apparently wanting to put guns in their mouths, They're essentially the Comic-Con version of those annoying YouTubers. Wray arrives at the hotel for Shock-a-Con, finds his agent Bobby waiting for him, and hears that he's still in the running for the lead in "Doctor Cop Lawyer" (not to be confused with "Axe Cop"). Wray then immediately gets waylaid by his old cast members from Firefly  Spectrum, who are dysfunctional messes that will not leave Wray's hotel room and let him have some goddamn rest.

The episode hits its high point when Wray meets back up with Jack (Nathan Fillion) in the VIP room to talk. He finds out that all the V.I.P.'s have cardboard cut-outs made for them, but of course, he doesn't have one. It's at that point that Stan Lee walks by, mutters the Hollywood equivalent of "Hey, hotshot, lookin' good!" and walks off with his own cardboard cutout. Jack reveals that he's having some trouble with his own career, and that he's trying to go "back to the past" so he can move forward. It's a rare moment of seriousness between the two, and we get a tender little moment where Wray confides that he feels stuck in past. He then turns to Jack to find that Jack's left his cardboard cutout on the couch with him.

Episode 10: Dawn of Girth

Episode 10 picks up again with the two exhausted, dead-eyed, but chipper Shock-a-Con reporters covering the arrival of Girth Hemsworth, the long-lost Australian brother to Chris, Liam, and Luke Hemsworth, who is threatening Wray's shot at the part of "Doctor Cop Lawyer." Girth is, strangely enough, a huge fan of Wray, who is trying his best to wrangle the reunited cast of Spectrum. The cast members range from a weight loss-obsessed actress to a Colonel Kurtz-style survivalist who is dead-set on killing Girth for Wray to a Summer Glau-style space cadet, all of whom will not listen or behave. The crazy dynamic between all of them is put on full display with their fan photo sessions, which quickly devolve into Wray juggling the insanity of each. Meanwhile, Jack (Nathan Fillion) has left his cardboard cutout as a stand-in, because of course he did.

You can watch an Outer Places exclusive clip from the episode below!


Episode 9 & 10 of "Con Man" have less to savor than previous ones (I'm having withdrawals from the musical episode, to be honest) but all the good stuff is there: dysfunctional Hollywood-types, Wray trying desperately to keep it all together, and wonderful, heartbreaking tragicomedy sprinkled throughout. As we said in our last review, we don't care if you're married to Netflix or another streaming site—if you're a geek, go and watch "Con Man".

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