How Sci-Fi Movies Fared in the Oscar Nominations

Tuesday, 24 January 2017 - 9:47PM
Tuesday, 24 January 2017 - 9:47PM
How Sci-Fi Movies Fared in the Oscar Nominations
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Hollywood's version of the Super Bowl has officially kicked off with Oscar nominations. La La Land dominated the categories by tying a record of 14 nominations, and Hidden Figures was a hugely successful science film with three major nominations. But how did science fiction movies fare this time around?
Worth noting is the success of sci-fi hit Arrival, which scored eight nominations including Best Picture. Although strangely nothing for the star, Amy Adams, who by all accounts is the linchpin of the entire film. With sci-fi being an often overlooked category when it comes to Oscars, Arrival continues a growing trend in highlighting the genre. Prior to the recent expansion of Best Picture nominations to include up to 10 films, only rarely did films like Steven Spielberg's E.T. secure a place in the Best Picture section. However, since 2009, films including Avatar, District 9, Her, Gravity and The Martian have helped push Science Fiction further into the spotlight.
In some more expected results, sci-fi films did dominate the more technical side of the nominations, with two each for Rogue One (Sound Mixing, Visual Effects) and Passengers (Original Score, Production Design) while Star Trek Beyond scored one for Makeup & Hairstyling. Rogue One isn't a huge surprise as nearly every Star Wars film has earned at least one nomination, although it's gotten no wins since Return of the Jedi.

And while superhero films aren't really sci-fi, we cover them on this site so here they are: the struggle between DC and Marvel continues with DC's Suicide Squad gaining a single nomination (for Makeup & Hairstyling) while Marvel's Doctor Strange did the same (for Visual Effects, of course). Sadly for Deadpool, which received a few surprise Golden Globe nominations, the R-rated superhero romp came up empty.
With just about a month to go until the ceremony, there will be plenty of speculation and spin to come. At the very least, business should hopefully boom for the nominated films, most of which were are relatively small scale in terms of budget and box office.

The 89th Academy Awards will happen on February 26, 2017.

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