'Samurai Jack' Gets a Flashy Teaser Ahead of its New Season

Saturday, 04 February 2017 - 7:58PM
Saturday, 04 February 2017 - 7:58PM
'Samurai Jack' Gets a Flashy Teaser Ahead of its New Season
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Those who remember the stylized, futuristic landscapes and slick action sequences of Samurai Jack will also remember how it never properly ended. Considering the whole premise of the show (as narrated by the late actor Mako in the opening theme) was Jack trying to escape the future and return to his own time, he never succeeded by the final episode in 2004.

It had been announced over a year ago that the series was returning to Adult Swim, allowing it to be more mature in its storytelling than it was on Cartoon Network, and now we have a new teaser for season 5 that reflects that new tone pretty well:

It's short, to be sure, but it's definitely recaptured the same style from Genndy Tartakovsky's original show. Which is to say, it's atmospheric with several shots of Jack looking stoic and just a quick one of his sword swiping. We also get a confirmation of the season's release date in early March.

Most of the original crew is returning with Tartakovsky (of the original Star Wars: Clone Wars and Dexter's Laboratory), including voice actor Phil LaMarr as Jack. Mako Iwamatsu, the voice of the demonic Aku, passed away in 2006, and while Tartakovsky has said that Aku will be returning, it's not currently known who will be taking over the role.

Only a handful of other details are currently known right now, namely that fight scenes will have some more blood (although Tartakovsky promises it won't be over the top) and the show will have a single story instead of its old episodic format. Jack himself will be a bit darker of a character, since he's now been trapped in the future for several years. The cast and crew go more into detail on all of that in this behind-the-scenes video from Adult Swim:

No word on whether will.i.am's theme music will be back. Season 5 of Samurai Jack comes out March 11, 2017 on Adult Swim.
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