Polish Versions of Sci-Fi Movie Posters Can Get Bizarre

Saturday, 11 February 2017 - 2:11PM
Saturday, 11 February 2017 - 2:11PM
Polish Versions of Sci-Fi Movie Posters Can Get Bizarre
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Miroslaw Lakomski/20th Century Fox
Movie PR campaigns are an integral part of a movie's success. Unless the film is part of a larger franchise, how a movie is marketed, from its trailers to its posters can be a large factor in generating the buzz at the box office. With overseas markets becoming an increasingly important part of a movie's success rate, how a film is packaged in Europe and Asia makes a big difference.

A fascinating new gallery of images was compiled, showing how some of the biggest and most well known American movies, sci-fi and otherwise, had their posters repackaged for a Polish audience. The differences are striking:

Some original VS Polish movie posters comparison

Compared to American posters, Polish ones tend to be extremely stylized, with all of the Star Wars posters swapping out the actual actors for expressive visuals. Ones like Alien are tough to even connect back to the original movie concept. American movie posters show the movie stars faces first and foremost, which would indicate that star power still has tremendous meaning in domestic market. Contrast that with the Polish posters, which all seem to veer toward the cartoonish depiction or even more imagery based looks, oftentimes taking a singular moment from the movie and devoting the poster to that instead.

Some of the posters almost seem like they were done by amateur artists, especially The Fly and Peter Pan, which repurposes Peter as little more than a stick figure. Others, like the posters for A Clockwork Orange and The Shining go the opposite direction and make a complicated design that's more artwork than marketing, abstractly keying in on Shelley Duvall's scream in the latter example. Or the very psychedelic Polish version of the Big Lebowski poster which might actually work as part of The Dude's bowling dream sequence

While it can be hard to figure out the reasoning for the drastic shifts in artistic focus that the Polish posters represent, many do accomplish the goal of adding to the interest in the films they depict. Perhaps it's the age old American flash versus European abstract argument writ large-scale, but it would not be surprising if a few of these Polish posters soon grace the dorm room walls of incoming film school freshmen.
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