6 Game of Thrones Plot Points That NEED to Happen in Season 7

Tuesday, 28 February 2017 - 11:45AM
Game of Thrones
Tuesday, 28 February 2017 - 11:45AM
6 Game of Thrones Plot Points That NEED to Happen in Season 7
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Warning for those who aren't up to date on Game of Thrones: here be spoilers!

Whether it's the book series or TV show, GoT thrives on being unpredictable. Plot lines and characters can seemingly come and go without following the usual tropes most viewers and readers have grown accustomed to (RIP Ned Stark), but now, as the TV series and hopefully book series draw to a close, a good deal of the puzzle pieces are falling into place. Here are 6 plot points that need to happen in Season 7:

1. Jon Snow Learns the Truth

Last season was a big one for "Lord" Snow. Now, with a head full of steam and the backing of much of the North, Snow and his re-uniting family seem poised to take on all comers. However, the real revelation is the true identity of his parents: the end of last season seemed to confirm beyond a shadow of a doubt that R + L = J, but Jon himself doesn't know that yet.

In order to fully consolidate power, that knowledge has to eventually reach him. Perhaps a reunion with another member of the Stark family will bring that to pass, specifically the one heading directly south toward Winterfell. Or, since this is GoT, Jon may die tragically right before he's told the truth, because screw you. 

2. Sam Learns Something Big at the Citadel

Though GoT often deals in misdirection, the laws of fiction state that you wouldn't send a character on a long, epic quest to a place filled with secret knowledge and have them find out.... nothing. Though it's unclear what exactly Sam may find during his training and stay, odds are it will have something to do with the history of Westeros, perhaps even with the White Walkers or The Blight. At the very least, expect at least one montage of him rustling through columns of books in increased awe.

3. Arya and Nymeria Reunite

When last we checked, Arya was back in Westeros, carrying out her own unique brand of revenge. It led many to speculate that perhaps a reunion was in order between the young Stark and her direwolf, Nymeria, who was let loose into the wild allllll the way back in Season 1:

Now, thanks to the website Watchers On The Wall, the case for their reunion sounds especially strong. Arya and animal lovers, rejoice! 

4. Cleganebowl

As we now know, the Hound lives.

With revenge on his mind and Cersei acting all kinds of tyrannical, it would seem like the inevitable brother versus sorta-alive-sorta-reanimated brother battle will be coming. Buckle up, it should prove to be brutal (RIP Oberyn Martell) and awesome. 

5. Euron Greyjoy Mucks Things Up

Though he's late to the party, Euron Greyjoy seems poised to pick up the mantle of hated villain of the year from the scraps that remain of Ramsay Bolton. Though his plan at the moment just seems to be about building a big navy, that would no doubt put him in the thick of things with Dany and others who are finally arriving via their own fleet. Same TV law applies here, you don't introduce a villain and then NOT have him create chaos. Though many have asked the same troubling question: where are the trees for all those ships coming from

6. The Wall Comes Tumbling Down

This is one of the big plot points that was supposedly spoiled by the infamous Reddit leaker "awayforthelads", who claimed to have leaked the entire plot of the seventh season. According to him/her, one of the major climactic moments of the new season was going to be:

Opening quote
The Wall will fall at the end of the season while Jon and Daenerys have sex. They become allies and lead a coalition against Cersei and Euron-Cersei and Euron's alliance does not succeed.
Closing quote

It sounds like the perfect finale to the season: sex and the apocalypse. If it's anything else, we're going to be disappointed.
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