A New 'Tron' Film Starring Jared Leto is Booting Up

Friday, 03 March 2017 - 7:54PM
Friday, 03 March 2017 - 7:54PM
A New 'Tron' Film Starring Jared Leto is Booting Up
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Seven years after Tron: Legacy came and left theaters, Disney still hasn't pulled the plug on the world of Tron. Rumors have been circulating on and off since 2010 as potential versions of Tron 3 were hinted at and cancelled, but it looks like they're finally booting back up the program in the hopes it'll run this time.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Disney is putting together a third film and negotiating with Jared Leto as the lead. If negotiations work out then Leto, the Oscar-winning actor and musician who kept disturbing his coworkers during Suicide Squad, would play a new hero named "Ares." While a name like the Greek god of war sounds a little rugged for Leto, the character comes from a script for the canned Tron: Ascension, which will be retooled into whatever this new film becomes. Leto would also produce, alongside Emma Ludbrook and Tron: Legacy producer Justin Springer.

This means Leto would also replace Tron: Legacy stars Olivia Wilde and Garrett Hedlund, neither of whom have been cast yet. Hedlund has suggested in the past they might return, but plans were much shakier at that time than they seem now. The same uncertainty extends to Legacy director Joseph Kosinski, and most importantly, Jeff Bridges: Tron starred a young Jeff Bridges, while Tron: Legacy starred both a young and old Jeff Bridges, so it would be strange to see a Bridges-less Tron film.

It's too early to know whether it's a reboot or a sequel, but both of the previous films took place in the same universe, following humans who were sucked into a digital world controlled by evil computer programs. While the 2010 film had lukewarm reviews, save for the fantastic Daft Punk soundtrack, the film still performed well at the box office. And the original Tron from 1982 is still a beloved celebration of 1980s arcade machines, so a return to the "the Grid," the movies' idea of how digital programs see arcade games, was never completely out of the picture.

And if Disney wants to recreate the amazing music from the 2010 film, they'll hopefully be smart enough to bring Daft Punk back onboard.


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