Stephen King Reveals an Official 'The Dark Tower' Poster

Sunday, 19 March 2017 - 5:10PM
Sunday, 19 March 2017 - 5:10PM
Stephen King Reveals an Official 'The Dark Tower' Poster
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There's been so little press or promotional material about the movie adaptation of Stephen King's The Dark Tower, you'd be forgiven for not knowing the movie is already coming out this summer. We haven't seen much more than casting announcements (and the cast looks great) and we're only now just getting our first poster.

But at least the poster is straight from King himself, who's producing the film and seems to be pretty heavily involved. That's good news, because The Dark Tower is not a simple book series, so consulting from King seems like a must for a project like this:

Stars Idris Elba (as the gunslinging Roland) and Matthew McConaughey (as the villainous Man in Black) appear on the bottom and top of the poster, respectively. Otherwise it's a pretty standard shot of New York City beyond being upside down, although the inter-dimensional nature of the series might've lent itself to some more Dr. Strange-like visuals. But this leaves a strong enough impression too, and the callback to a quote from the first book, "There are other worlds than these," makes for a suitably ominous tagline.

Explaining what exactly The Dark Tower is takes some work, as the film is being billed as a "sci-fi fantasy horror western," which is simultaneously very specific and unhelpfully vague. But essentially, the film will take place after King's eight books, following Elba's Roland as the last living member of an ancient organization of Old West style "gunslingers," who's searching for the Dark Tower (a nexus between worlds) in the hopes it'll save his world from falling apart at the seams. 

Both J.J. Abrams and Ron Howard were signed on to helm various versions of the films over the years, but both have since dropped out, leaving Danish filmmaker Nikolaj Arcel in charge of the project. The project has been in and out of development for a decade now, but the release date is coming up soon: the film is moving fast, and will have the tough challenge of appealing to fans of King's book series while making sense to a general audience. 

The Dark Tower comes out July 28, 2017.
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