First Trailer for 'The Mist' Show is Creepy and Very Foggy

Tuesday, 11 April 2017 - 9:30PM
Tuesday, 11 April 2017 - 9:30PM
First Trailer for 'The Mist' Show is Creepy and Very Foggy
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The 2007 movie The Mist ranks up there with some of the best Stephen King adaptations ever, with just the right blend of horror and wonder (and that seriously messed up ending), so it wasn't too surprising when the decision was made to make a TV series that's also based on The Mist.

What was surprising was the news that the series would be airing on Spike TV, a network not really known for their original sci-fi series. However, the first trailer for The Mist series is here, and it will definitely alleviate any fears you may have about Spike doing The Mist justice. 

The main difference between the new show and the movie appears to be the locations. The film takes place almost entirely within a supermarket as the supernatural mist filled with beings from another dimension envelopes the people trapped inside. The show's trailer, however, shows a number of characters spread across different locales. There's a store, a church, and even a military man stuck out in the woods (the most creepy looking bit of all).

Another notable deviation from King's original story is that in this new version, the mist seems to have the ability to directly influence people's thoughts and actions, similar to the villain in King's '90s miniseries Storm of the Century. This should lend the series more longevity, as the sole idea of monsters coming out of the mist and killing people would likely get old after a few episodes. Psychological horror is much easier to stretch out over a full season, especially when you have a full cast of characters to mess around with.

While we could certainly do without the overused Inception-style horns, the trailer overall looks pretty great. There's enough mysterious quick cuts, moody cinematography, and disturbing images to make us feel a little uneasy, which is exactly what a good Stephen King adaptation should do. So props to Spike TV, it's definitely piqued our curiosity in regards to The Mist. Just don't go too dark on that ending (movie spoilers).

The Mist premieres June 22, 2017 on Spike.
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