The Fifth Annual Philip K. Dick Science Fiction Film Festival Is Almost Here!

Wednesday, 10 May 2017 - 4:13PM
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Wednesday, 10 May 2017 - 4:13PM
The Fifth Annual Philip K. Dick Science Fiction Film Festival Is Almost Here!
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Earlier this year, we headed into Manhattan to attend the first-ever New York Sci-Fi Film Festival, which featured VR movies and short films from around the world—you can see our favorites from the Festival here. Now, the organizers behind the NYSFFF are back with their fifth annual Philip K. Dick Film Festival, with a lot of our favorite movies back for another screening alongside new features and shorts.

The Festival, held each year in New York City, is meant to be a tribute to the warped, reality-bending genius of PKD, whose work has been turned into TV shows (The Man in the High Castle), video games (Californium), and arguably one of the greatest sci-fi films of all time, Blade Runner. According to the press release from the Festival:

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For the past five years, The Philip K. Dick Science Fiction Film Festival has exhibited quality independent sci-fi for audiences who crave new innovative pathways of expression. The festival supports freethinking filmmakers equipped with the knowledge of our world, brave enough to see beyond the barriers of existence and who give to an art form that unites the masses.
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We'll be interviewing some of the filmmakers we're most excited about leading up to the Festival itself (which runs from May 25th to 30th), but in the meantime, here's a short list of some of our top "Movies to Watch For":

2BR02B: To Be or Naught to Be (2016)

Director: Marco Checa Garcia 
Run Time/Country: 18 min, Canada 
Synopsis: Set in a dystopian future where population is strictly controlled, a father waits for his children to be born. In a deserted hospital waiting room, one man must ask himself exactly what he is willing to do to give his children a chance at life, any life at all.


How to Build a Time Machine (2016)

Director: Jay Cheel
Run Time/Country: 82 min, Canada
Synopsis: Two men work together to discover the truth and possibilities of time travel. Film animator Rob Niosi explores the idea of recreating the sled in the H. G. Wells-inspired film The Time Machine (1960) directed by George Pal while Dr. Ronald Mallett, a theoretical physicist and faculty member at University of Connecticut who has long been distressed by the death of his father, works on a time portal based on Einstein's Equation.


I, Philip (2016)

Director: Pierre Zandrowicz 
Run Time/Country: 14 min, France 
Synopsis: In early 2005, David Hanson, an American robotics is developing its first android human. His name is Phil, a copy of the famous science fiction author Philip K. Dick. In a few weeks, Phil became famous on the internet and in the author's fan circles and is presented in several conferences around the world. In late 2005, the head of the android disappeared during a flight on America West Airlines between Dallas and Las Vegas. Through the memories of the android and those of the author, the film offers an interpretation of Phil's life.

The Philip K. Dick Sci-Fi Film Festival hits select NYC theaters May 25th-30th. You can find the full program for the Festival here, and get tickets for the screenings here.
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