'Star Wars: Episode IX' Director Wants the Movie to Resonate with Kids

Monday, 12 June 2017 - 6:50PM
Star Wars
Monday, 12 June 2017 - 6:50PM
'Star Wars: Episode IX' Director Wants the Movie to Resonate with Kids
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Part of Star Wars' appeal is that it's basically childhood distilled - it has magic and lasers and spaceships and monsters and knights and princesses and robots. The stories within George Lucas' magnum opus resonate deeply with anyone who remembers first loving those when they were six years old.

So when director Colin Trevorrow (Jurassic World, The Book of Henry) says that he's keeping in mind how kids will react to Episode IX in 2019, that can only be a good thing. Speaking about his plans to keep the film relatable to all ages, Trevorrow said the following in an interview with Fandango, showing that someone at Lucasfilm is indeed thinking of the children:

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"Luke Skywalker, Han Solo and Princess Leia were all characters that we were able to identify with in various ways, and especially with the character of Rey and what she means to young girls right now, and the challenges that she's up against. It is extremely crucial that I understand what actual children are feeling about these stories that we're telling them, and I think it's important that I have kids, and if filmmakers don't have kids, they should go talk to them because they don't see things the same way that we did when we were kids. So, yes, I am very dialed in to that because I think it's a requisite of the job."
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Trevorrow is right - the focus on modern kids is important, not just from a tonal perspective, but because kids today identify with Star Wars in subtly different ways to previous generations. Now, Stormtroopers can be good guys, rather than faceless cannon fodder. The franchise's big hero is a woman, and this opens up the entire saga to young girls who might not have felt properly represented by previous movies.

This is a big deal. Paying tribute to older Star Wars movies is nice, but if there's one thing Disney's films do too much, it's rely on nostalgia to paper over cracks in narrative and characterization. It's not enough to make something that appeals to aging fans of the original trilogy - these stories are going to live forever as the first introduction that new viewers have to Star Wars, and they should reflect their needs and desires.

Of course, some Star Wars movies were more aimed at kids than others. George Lucas drew criticism for making Revenge of the Sith quite as gruesome as it was, with many parents not thrilled by letting their kids watch a man burn alive while his best friend watches. Similarly, the ending to Rogue One is the cinematic equivalent of sitting down with a child and having a tough discussion about whether Santa exists.

But it sounds like Trevorrow has a good strategy for getting this child focus, though. To find out what kids want from Star Wars, he's asking them.

Star Wars: Episode IX is currently scheduled to come out May 24, 2019.

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