Neill Blomkamp Releases His New Apocalyptic Short Film 'Rakka'

Thursday, 15 June 2017 - 4:35PM
Thursday, 15 June 2017 - 4:35PM
Neill Blomkamp Releases His New Apocalyptic Short Film 'Rakka'
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A short while back, filmmaker Neill Blomkamp (who made District 9, Elysium, and Chappie) released a trailer showcasing his newest project, Oats Studios. An initially odd premise, his goal with Oats was to create experimental short films which would be released through the online gaming platform Steam.

While the trailer included much of what Blomkamp does best (sci-fi horror and creepy aliens), Oats Studios finally released their first short film: an alien invasion story called Rakka starring Sigourney Weaver. The movie's available for free on Steam, with some movie assets available for a few dollars, but the whole thing is also on YouTube in case you don't have a Steam account. 

The aliens look just as impressive as his shrimp creatures from District 9, and Weaver is just as badass here as she is in any Alien movie. So in essence, it takes the best parts of several films and puts them together, with the end result being a dark and atmospheric alien invasion movie. You can see the entire twenty-minute film below, it's worth a watch:

It's worth mentioning again, Rakka is an extremely dark movie, telling the story of a race of lizard-like aliens called the "Klum" who violently enslave humanity while terraforming the Earth with their liquid technology. Weaver (whose character is named "Jasper" in the credits) is the leader of a small human resistance coming to terms with the sacrifices they'll need to make in order to fight back.

Interestingly, the story isn't over by the time the credits roll, suggesting that this conflict might come back in later films - there's currently three short films planned for Oats Studios' Volume 1 including Rakka, but it's unknown how connected they'll all be. Speaking to The Verge, Blomkamp explained his plans on that:

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"We don't know what form that story will take. Rakka feels like it could almost be more of an episodic thing, because there's a lot of avenues to explore. The footage is too unconventional and weird [for a mainstream feature], and the audience has to think of the footage as a snapshot into the window of this world.

It's the same for the film we're going to release in a couple of weeks. When the audience understands that this isn't the complete, final story, and they choose to get behind us financially, we can then figure out if this is an episodic thing, or if it's one big feature film.
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So we'll have a better idea of what Oats has planned in a couple weeks, when their next film comes out. Even if she's not in the next film, it's likely that Weaver will show up again at some point, since she and Blomkamp are friends following her appearance in Chappie and their plans for a now cancelled Alien film. And if this story continues, it's entirely possible that Rakka could become the Alien film the two had always wanted to make.
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