New 'Dark Tower' Footage Shows Off Idris Elba as The Last Gunslinger

Monday, 26 June 2017 - 7:37PM
Monday, 26 June 2017 - 7:37PM
New 'Dark Tower' Footage Shows Off Idris Elba as The Last Gunslinger
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Every new glimpse we get at The Dark Tower, the upcoming Stephen King movie looks better and better.

A new featurette has been released that explores the character of The Gunslinger, as portrayed by Idris Elba, and it's worth watching solely for the tantalizing scenes of fast-paced, stylized Wild West action. Even though it's not technically a western, just an interdimensional sci-fi adventure with an evil sorcerer (Matthew McConaughey) for a bad guy.

The Dark Tower is a pretty classic Stephen King story, with all the themes and tones come along with it - in other words, it's a dark, brooding story about the apocalypse, filled with high concept ideas like multiple dimensions and an inescapable end of days. That said, it's impressive to see just how well the story fits as a full on action adventure - one which deserves its gritty, washed out visual look a lot more than other, similar franchises (like, say, Justice League). See the whole thing below:

While this might not seem like classic Stephen King, though, the acclaimed author states within the featurette that Elba is hitting the nail on the head with his portrayal of The Gunslinger as an unstoppable force of nature, who just happens to look like an exceptionally cool cowboy. Previous trailers have very deliberately jumped around a little too much for us to get a good read on Elba's character, so it's nice to see a few scenes, fit together nicely, that show off The Gunslinger's skills - and how exactly he goes about fighting his nemesis.

Matthew McConaughey looks perfect in his role as the Man in Black (the personification of death, by the way). It's strange to think that this actor was once known as little more than a gorgeous love interest in a series of romantic comedies - as a disturbing, otherworldly force of evil, he fits just so perfectly, so it's good that he's found this new direction for all his roles.

So, to recap - The Dark Tower has two phenomenal actors, both at the top of their game, in a fast-paced action movie that's also dripping with rich, dark Stephen King goodness. Even if King's not normally your thing, it's hard to argue that this movie looks absolutely fantastic. Here's hoping the movie turns out being as good as it looks on paper.

The Dark Tower
comes out August 4, 2017.

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