'Automata' Trailer Brings a Popular Webcomic's Robot Detective to Life

Sunday, 02 July 2017 - 7:20PM
Sunday, 02 July 2017 - 7:20PM
'Automata' Trailer Brings a Popular Webcomic's Robot Detective to Life
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Penny Arcade
It's always good to see a Kickstarter baby achieve what it set out to do. And it's even better when that Kickstarter baby is an adaptation of a moody sci-fi/noir webcomic starring a robotic detective and his gritty human partner.

That would be Automata, an upcoming series based on the Penny Arcade comic, which has come together using the whopping $473,494 it raised from its Kickstarter campaign. The story follows Carl Swangee, a robot played by Hellboy's Doug Jones, who works alongside human detective Sam Regal (Basil Harris) in an alternate version of Prohibition-era New York, where robots are banned instead of liquor. Since new robots (called automatons, the old fashioned word for robot-like mechanisms) can't legally be built anymore, the ones who already exist, like poor Carl, are treated like trash by society. 

Several episodes of the series are now completed, and Penny Arcade celebrated by releasing an official trailer. It captures the tone of the webcomic really well (you can read that here if you're curious), so check out the trailer below:

Directed by Van Alan, Automata just made its official debut at SeriesFest in Denver, Colorado this past weekend, and several episodes have been released to Kickstarter backers. But there's no official release date for the general public just yet, even though that should ideally be coming very soon.

It certainly looks great based on what we've seen - a way to tell Blade Runner-esque stories without all the cyberpunk, in a more alternate-history setting à la Man in the High Castle. And there can never be enough noir stories out there, especially ones with such an odd but lovable looking robot/automaton in the lead role. Until that comes out, you can also catch star Doug Jones in alien prosthetics instead of robot prosthetics, because he's in the main cast for Star Trek: Discovery this fall.

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