'Geostorm' Trailer Warns Us About the Dangers of Weather-Controlling Satellites

Thursday, 06 July 2017 - 7:55PM
Thursday, 06 July 2017 - 7:55PM
'Geostorm' Trailer Warns Us About the Dangers of Weather-Controlling Satellites
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If a movie was pitched to you as "Gerard Butler fights natural disasters from space," you may not think it sounds like a good movie, but it's hard to deny that it sounds like a fun movie.

And that just happens to be the premise for Geostorm, an upcoming disaster film set in the near future, where weather-controlling satellites designed to prevent natural disasters mysteriously malfunction, and start causing even more natural disasters all over the planet. It is then, of course, up to Gerard Butler's scientist character to fly into space and fix these satellites before they unleash a world-ending onslaught of tornadoes, tsunamis, and fire whirls.

In case you'd forgotten the premise already, the new trailer even starts with the words "Extreme Weather Alert" blaring right in your face. See for yourself in the trailer below:

The sense of humor here is a sharp change of pace from Geostorm's first trailer, which only had scenes of cities being destroyed and didn't contain half as many witty remarks - Gerard Butler's excuse for being late for a senate meeting (he "literally flew in from space") being the new trailer's standout moment. This new tone makes more sense considering the director is Dean Devlin, the producer and writer of Independence Day and Stargate.

Basically, as long as the film tries to shoot closer to Independence Day than Independence Day: Resurgence, this could be the sort of cheesy sci-fi disaster movie that ends up being more fun than you were expecting. And while it's hard to tell whether the recent $15 million dollars in reshoots will help or hurt the movie, as long as Devlin does a better job on this (his directorial debut) than Resurgence, then tornadoes and mass floods might actually be something to look forward to this fall. So long as Gerard Butler, you know, stops them.

Geostorm blows into theaters on October 20, 2017.


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