Oats Studios' 'Cooking With Bill' Shorts are Infomercials Gone Horribly Wrong

Monday, 10 July 2017 - 9:30PM
Monday, 10 July 2017 - 9:30PM
Oats Studios' 'Cooking With Bill' Shorts are Infomercials Gone Horribly Wrong
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If you've been following filmmaker Neill Blomkamp's Oats Studios, chances are that you're a mix of "excited" and "slightly nervous" whenever you see they've put out a new short. Because while they're always great, they're sometimes a little tough to stomach.

And while the centerpieces in Oats Studios' Volume 1 are the twenty minute short films, like the alien invasion story Rakka or the Vietnam War story Firebase, smaller experimental sci-fi videos have been coming out periodically. Many of these smaller videos are from Blomkamp's bizarre "Cooking With Bill" series, which follow an extremely unfortunate 1980s informercial host, named Bill, whose high tech kitchen appliances always backfire in some surreal, horrific way.

Over this weekend, three more "Cooking With Bill" shorts crawled onto Oats Studios' YouTube page for your viewing pleasure. The first video in the series (from two weeks ago) dealt with an advanced knife tool that sliced off most of Bill's arm off by the end of the fake infomercial, and while not every new video gets that graphic - although one below titled "PrestoVeg" does get pretty graphic - there's plenty to be disturbed by when you're cooking with Bill.

Again, just be aware of what you're in for, because these do get pretty unsettling. With that said:

It's a sharp contrast with another recent Oats Studios short called God: Serengeti, but both that and Cooking With Bill are some of the many ways Blomkamp (known for District 9 and Chappie) is diverging from typical Hollywood science fiction, to deliver something much more indie in tone. This concept of diverging from Hollywood sci-fi is the driving factor behind Oats Studios, which is going around typical distribution outlets by releasing all their professional-quality work over YouTube and Steam.

Because as old-fashioned as this looks, it's very professionally put together for a YouTube short. And as always with Oats Studios, we never learn entirely what's going on. Is 80s kitchen technology really that messed up in Bill's world? Perhaps Bill is actually just in Hell? We may never know for sure, and maybe we're better off never knowing.

The third short film in Oats Studios' Volume 1, Zygote, should be coming out soon.
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