'Marjorie Prime' Trailer Turns Jon Hamm into a Surreal Hologram

Thursday, 27 July 2017 - 9:05PM
Thursday, 27 July 2017 - 9:05PM
'Marjorie Prime' Trailer Turns Jon Hamm into a Surreal Hologram
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If you've ever thought about how much you want a Jon Hamm hologram, the upcoming sci-fi drama Marjorie Prime might make you rethink that.

After a successful screening at this year's Sundance Film Festival, Marjorie Prime is coming to regular theaters next month to bring it's morbid musings on artificial intelligence to the masses. Following an old woman named Marjorie (Lois Smith) whose husband died a long time ago, she hires a service which creates holograms of deceased family members to recreate her husband back when he was in his prime (this, of course, is Hamm).

Also appearing are Tim Robbins and Geena Davis, who plays Marjorie's concerned daughter as the old woman becomes increasingly absorbed in the fake recreation of her dead husband. Meanwhile, the hologram is trying his best as he learns to replicate the original better. See the full trailer below:

Even the trailer makes some justified comparisons to Her - even if the premises are different, the two movies seem like they're heading for the same themes of how much we can truly relate to technology, and whether it's good or deeply unhealthy when we project so much of our souls onto an AI program. The trailer also thinks the movie would make a great Black Mirror episode, which remains to be seen, even if the themes are again similar.

The movie, directed by Michael Almereyda, is based on a Pulitzer Prize-winning play by Jordan Harrison and that's definitely clear in the trailer. This isn't a sci-fi movie with many fancy special effects, and the movie seems mostly set in just a handful of locations. Hamm hardly even gives off the typical hologram shimmering effect, so don't go into the movie expecting something like Star Trek's holodeck.

But like Her, the movie is less about special effects and more about heavy-hitting themes about the human condition, which is another, different cornerstone of science fiction. The movie got mostly positive reviews during Sundance, so if this sounds like your sort of movie, or if just you like Jon Hamm, this could be worth going to see when it finally hits theaters.

Marjorie Prime comes to theaters August 18, 2017.
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