Creepy 'Flatliners' Trailer Promises a Very Similar Plot to the Original

Thursday, 07 September 2017 - 8:15PM
Thursday, 07 September 2017 - 8:15PM
Creepy 'Flatliners' Trailer Promises a Very Similar Plot to the Original
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Apparently there's something fundamentally appealing to medical students about the idea of dying temporarily to go hang out in the afterlife.

Based on the latest trailer for the Flatliners remake/sequel/whatever, there are also certain types of medical students who are often eager to die. If you're competitive to the point of risking brain damage in order to show off, chances are you're going to see death as little more than a way to assert dominance over your peers.

The new trailer has a definite pulse, jumping to new scenes in time with an unseen person's breathing (presumably Ellen Page, because she's the protagonist here), as we discover the kinds of fun stuff that people get up to in the afterlife. It mostly involves horrible ghosts and the occasional sexy adventure - in other words, the same demons that show up in copious amounts in the original movie.

This doesn't help to straighten out the confusion over whether this new movie is a reboot, a straight remake, or some kind of sequel. Apparently the story is intended as a continuation of the first movie, with Kiefer Sutherland showing up for an extended cameo as Nelson from the original movie, but this being the case, it's odd that a weirdly similar group of people, all with inner baggage that coincidentally matches characters from the original film.

Either that or, in the Flatliners universe, it's far more common for medical students to suffer from crippling emotional trauma, repressed memories, and terrible regrets surrounding dead children. It's possible to excuse the reuse of the line "It's a good day to die", brushing it off as a mere coincidence, but surely there should be at least one person among this group who visits the afterlife simply to have a pleasant chat with a beloved grandma, without the fear that their past sins are about to catch up with them from beyond the grave.

But, then, there wouldn't be much point to this sequel if the story involved a lot of well-adjusted, mentally healthy people being pursued by visions of dead hamsters because they don't have any other trauma haunting their thoughts. It's just a bit of a shame that this movie doesn't have anything that can be shown off in trailers that looks fundamentally different to the character arcs of the original movie.

It's probably not fair to judge this movie too harshly when it's so far from release, but the weird sort-of-reboot space it inhabits isn't going to go down well if the film really doesn't have any original ideas for the kinds of horrifying visions that its characters might endure. Thus far, with cars flipping off bridges, this just feels like someone garnished the original movie with a tiny bit of Final Destination and called it good.

Fingers crossed the movie itself proves to be more inventive than its trailers; there's a lot of potential for interesting and poignant stories to be told using this formula, and to simply get a rehash of what we've already seen would feel like a waste. At least one person needs to be haunted by a cat they ran over - it's only logical.
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