Luc Besson is Creating a 'Lucy' Sequel and Has Finished the Script

Monday, 02 October 2017 - 8:40PM
Monday, 02 October 2017 - 8:40PM
Luc Besson is Creating a 'Lucy' Sequel and Has Finished the Script
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You have to give him credit, Luc Besson is certainly eager to get back on the horse.

Mere months after Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets took a serious beating at the box office and from reviewers, Marc Shmuger, the CEO of motion picture studio EuropaCorp, has announced to shareholders that the company is hard at work on a sequel to another Besson film, Lucy. Of course, Luc Besson is back in the director's chair and already sitting on a completed script.

If anything, 2014's Lucy fared worse with critics than Valerian, but it benefited from more bankable lead stars (casting Scarlett Johansson and Morgan Freeman would do the trick) as well as a far smaller production budget. Meaning that it ended up being more of a financial success than the sprawling science fiction epic that ended up losing $135 million and leaving EuropaCorp in fairly dire straits.

As a response to the tremendous loss incurred on Valerian, EuropaCorp now plans to release several smaller budget movies each year, with a few aimed at English speaking audiences, and a couple French language films for the studio's core audience. It appears Lucy 2 will be one of those smaller budget films.

The big question is where exactly Lucy will go in its sequel, considering that the first movie had a fairly definitive ending that wrapped up its titular character's story arc in a way that doesn't lend itself to additional adventures. After all, if your movie features a super brain drug that (spoiler alert) turns Scarlett Johansson into an incorporeal being of pure intelligence, it's not really possible to take her anywhere that audiences will want to go.

Lucy is psuedo-psychology of the weirdest kind - apparently, our brains are capable would breaking the laws of physics if only we thought about things hard enough. There was plenty of eye-rolling when the movie first came out, which will likely only become more pronounced if the sequel taps back into the weird silliness of the original story. Nevertheless, Johansson is still on the lookout for a breakout action role that can define her career as a leading star rather than a sidekick, and with Ghost in the Shell failing, it's very likely that she'll be eager to give Lucy another chance.

All said, Luc Besson has clearly proved that he's by no means short of funky ideas to throw up on screen, and as it's unlikely we'll ever see the Valerian sequels that he was very optimistically working on before the first movie released earlier this year, it may at the very least be fun to see what he can do with a female led action movie franchise now that it's been established that Lucy can literally bend time and space to her will.

This franchise may not be particularly high-concept, but it certainly has potential as an outlet for Besson's weirdest shower thoughts. So good luck to Besson, and good luck to EuropaCorp. Lucy 2 may be the movie sequel that nobody asked for and that seems implausible at best, but it's probably better than throwing endless pots of money at a movie which starred the dour villains of Amazing Spider-Man 2 and Suicide Squad as space cops/lovers.

Although, thinking of Valerian in those terms, it's weird to think that anyone ever gives Besson free reign to do whatever he likes on movies like these. Turns out, the charming weirdness of The Fifth Element is hard to replicate.
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