Neill Blomkamp's OATS Studio Just Dropped a Trailer for a New, Dystopian 'ADAM' Film

Wednesday, 04 October 2017 - 10:04AM
Wednesday, 04 October 2017 - 10:04AM
Neill Blomkamp's OATS Studio Just Dropped a Trailer for a New, Dystopian 'ADAM' Film
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Image credit: OATS Studios
Machinima is a dying art. Once upon a time, the internet was filled with digital puppet shows, created by inventive storytellers who used video game art assets and character models to create stories in a whole range of genres. While Rooster Teeth's Red vs. Blue parody of the Halo video games is by far the most famous, they only represent a small fraction of what was achieved by machinima moviemakers during the medium's heyday.

Now, though, Neill Blomkamp is bringing machinima back into fashion, using the Unity video game engine to continue the popular ADAM series of short movies.

ADAM is a Webby award-winning series created ostensibly to show off the potential of Unity. The series has earned a cult following among fans of existentialist science fiction and stories about life, humanity, and robotics. In other words, the series is a perfect playground for Blomkamp, himself a seasoned veteran of the meaningful robot movie genre thanks to work on the much-maligned Chappie.

Blomkamp will be directing at least two short movies for the ADAM series, with ADAM: The Mirror and ADAM: The Prophet both coming soon, thanks to the help of Blomkamp's own OATS Studio

According to Blomkamp, working in Unity is an incredibly freeing process:

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"Ever since I started making films I've dreamed of a virtual sandbox that would let me build, shoot and edit photorealistic worlds all in one place. Today that dream came true thanks to the power of Unity 2017. The fact that we could achieve near photorealistic visuals at half of average time of our production cycles is astounding. The future is here and I can't wait to see what our fans think."
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We're not far away from a time when creating a movie digitally will be quicker and easier than shooting footage practically—especially since motion capture technology allows for a quick and easy digital reference point for animators to work from. We've already seen how CGI human characters can blend into big-budget, live-action movies from the resurrection of Peter Cushing in Rogue One, and while this performance never quite felt believable, things are only going to improve as technology develops.

In the meantime, ADAM: The Mirror will be unveiled to the world at 7 PM ET tonight, and based on everything else that's come out of OATS Studio in the past few months, it's probably going to be spectacular.
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