'Replicas' Trailer Shows Keanu Reeves Experimenting with Cloning

Saturday, 07 October 2017 - 11:10AM
Saturday, 07 October 2017 - 11:10AM
'Replicas' Trailer Shows Keanu Reeves Experimenting with Cloning
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If Keanu Reeves could bring you back to life, but only by cloning you, would you let him? An upcoming sci-fi thriller plans to pose this question to both the characters in the film, and perhaps the audience too.

The movie in question is Replicas, which introduces us to neuroscientist and doting father Will Foster (Reeves) by immediately establishing that the human mind "is his greatest work," and that his loving family actively tells him how much they adore him. Of course, something's up, and things do indeed take a sharp turn halfway through the trailer's two minutes, after some glimpses into his weird tests with clones and some sort of robot brain.

See for yourself below, we'll talk more about the twist after that:

In a bizarre premise that's been previously done as a morbid running joke in Adult Swim's The Venture Bros. cartoon, it's revealed that Foster's loving wife and three kids died in a horrific car crash, and he's been bringing them back as clones ever since. And his wife (played Alice Eve of Star Trek Into Darkness) and kids are being kept in the dark about the existentially dreadful fact that they're not his original family.

There's also a robot in the trailer for some reason, whose presence is not well explained, but since transferring consciousness seems to be Keanu Reeves' main area of research, it's a good guess that he tries to transfer a human mind into a robot body at some point. A few shots of the robot running around implies that he succeeds, although it's unclear who's inside. Hopefully it's not the assistant, played by Silicon Valley's Thomas Middleditch, who seems typecast as a tech guy who's way in over his head. 

Despite including Middleditch and the aforementioned Venture Bros. cloning joke, Replicas is presented as a completely serious movie, which is worrying. Reeves is not the bad actor that some critics make him out to be, but he almost always does best in movies that don't take themselves too seriously, like the recent John Wick films or The Matrix (and not the two over-serious Matrix sequels). At least the robot knows some kung-fu in this one.

The movie was shot in Puerto Rico, and Reeves announced at the movie's New York Comic-Con panel that they've partnered with NYCC to fundraise for hurricane relief in the U.S. territory - you can contribute to that here.

Replicas is currently scheduled to come out sometime in 2018, although there's no official release date as of yet.
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