NYCC 2017: Watch the Trailer for 'Philip K. Dick's Electric Dreams' and a New Clip from 'Man in the High Castle'

Sunday, 08 October 2017 - 4:31PM
Sunday, 08 October 2017 - 4:31PM
NYCC 2017: Watch the Trailer for 'Philip K. Dick's Electric Dreams' and a New Clip from 'Man in the High Castle'
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Philip K. Dick is one of those science fiction writers that throws everything at the wall and sees what sticks. His stories range from mind-bending (Man in the High Castle) to nightmarish and surreal (Ubik) to just weird (Time Out of Joint). With the announcement that Amazon will be launching Electric Dreams, a new series that explores his short stories, we're going to see a lot more weird stuff from the PKD vault—stuff no one else would touch before now.

We sat in on the New York Comic-Con panel on Electric Dreams and Man in the High Castle this year to get the details. Here are the highlights!

  • Michael Dinner, Showrunner, Executive Producer, Producer, Director
  • Ronald D. Moore, Executive Producer, Writer
  • David Kanter, Executive Producer
  • Liam Cunningham, As General Olin in Human Is
  • Eric Overmeyer, Executive Producer
  • Dan Percival, Executive Producer
  • Jason O'Mara, as Wyatt Price
  • Alexa Davalos as Juliana Crane
  • Rufus Sewell, as John Smith
  • Isa Dick Hackett, Executive producer 

Philip K. Dick's Electric Dreams

According to David Kanter, one of the difficulties of adapting the short stories came from making them fit into a 48-minute timeslot-creating what he calls "a series of ten movies." Some of the stories, he notes, are "super conceptual," which adds another challenge to making them work as traditional episodes.

He notes that some of the most interesting episodes are the ones where the writers "freely adapted" the stories, bringing them into a more contemporary setting. This is a big deal, since many of the stories were written in the 1950s.
For Liam Cunningham, the highlight of the show is Bryan Cranston as Philip K. Dick himself. He also praised the "humanity" of the episodes. This was echoed by Isa Dick Hackett, PKD's daughter and one of the executive producers on the show.

According to Hackett, the questions of what it means to be human, the nature of reality and identity, and the concept of empathy are all central ideas to PKD's work and the show. No one had really delved into Dick's short stories in earnest (beyond movies like Minority Report), and she says one their great strengths is the sheer diversity of their ideas.

When the trailer for the show was finally revealed, some of the phrases that jumped out were "The future is still human," and "I think I dreamt you, and you dreamt me, too." Here's the full trailer:

Man in the High Castle

One of the questions that came up during the panel is whether Season Three is going to show more of the world of High Castle, including places like Africa and Berlin. The answer was that instead of focusing more on individual locations, the show would be more of an exploration of the multiverse. According to Hackett, "We play a lot more with multiple realities, twisting and folding realities in the new season."

"We pulled back from exploring places like Africa and the world to focus more on the character-driven aspect, because the spectacle doesn't always work," said another executive producer. "We're telling the stories of individual lives."
In an exclusive New York Comic-Con clip, we got to see a scene from the third episode of the upcoming third season. In it, we see Rufus Sewell's character, the Nazi officer John Smith, being led through a laboratory by a scientist, who brings him to an observation room with a one-way mirror. Inside the room beyond is what appears to be an African woman strapped to an operating chair.

Here's the clip:

This, says Sewell, is where "The worlds start to crack open for John Smith."
You can check out Electric Dreams and Man in the High Castle on Amazon. 
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