NYCC 2017: 'The Orville' Cast Talks About the Difficulties of the Show (and Previews Two Clips)

Sunday, 08 October 2017 - 7:28PM
Sunday, 08 October 2017 - 7:28PM
NYCC 2017: 'The Orville' Cast Talks About the Difficulties of the Show (and Previews Two Clips)
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The Orville has been unequivocally panned by critics, but in the weeks after the premiere, a huge groundswell of fans have come to love the show, which has shown itself to be a dramedy rather than a parody. At New York-Comic Con, we managed to get into the panel and hear from the cast of The Orville themselves.

Here's the line-up:
  • Moderator: Dave Goodman
  • Brannon Braga
  • Penny Johnson Jerald
  • Scott Grimes
  • Adrianne Palicki

At the start of the panel, the cast previewed a clip from next week's show that had the crew gathered in the cafeteria, talking about Lieutenant Alara's recent break-up, which she says was due to her boyfriend being emasculated by her incredible alien strength. While talking, Lieutenant Malloy offers some of his sushi to Bortus, who accidentally takes the pile of wasabi instead and eats it whole. This leads him to explain that his species has evolved to be able to eat just about anything—causing the rest of the crew to create a new game where they find the most inedible objects (a glass cup, a napkin, a cactus) and see if Bortus can eat it.

"This is gonna be the new fun thing!" says Malloy.
The next clip had Capt. Ed Mercer and Malloy flying a stolen Krill ship to the Krill homeworld (which is apparently in a state of perpetual night) and realizing that they haven't made up Krill-sounding names to disguise themselves. They immediately start bouncing exotic-sounding nonsense names off each other, including "Haagen-Dazs."

The Cast Talks About the Show

While talking about the show, Penny Johnson Jerald acknowledged that the show wasn't what people were expecting. "We're a dramedy, and we [needed] to teach the audience how to watch us." She said the crew always has fun on set, and that they even have a "communal bed" where they can lie down together between takes and rest.

When asked what it's like to direct the show, Braga said "It's very intimidating." He mentioned the big sets and heavy special effects involved in the show, but said "It's really hard to screw up a good script." He also acknowledges that trying to make the show work tonally is hard, and cited Episode 2, where Bortus lays an egg, as an example.

About halfway through the panel, Seth MacFarlane Skyped into the auditorium and started answering fan questions, the most interesting of which was "What sci-fi characters did you base your characters on?" For MacFarlane, who grew up watching Star Trek: The Original Series, the idea of following in Trek's footsteps and making the captain a paragon of virtue like Picard or (arguably) Kirk was impossible. Instead, he decided to become the antithesis of that captain archetype and created a "mid-level accounting kind of guy."

You can watch new episodes of The Orville  on Fox on Thursdays, 9 PM EST. Stay tuned for more New York Comic-Con coverage!
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