The Top 10 'Star Wars: The Last Jedi' Fan Theories on Reddit

Thursday, 26 October 2017 - 11:18AM
Thursday, 26 October 2017 - 11:18AM
The Top 10 'Star Wars: The Last Jedi' Fan Theories on Reddit
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We may have until December before Star Wars: The Last Jedi is released, but that hasn't stopped fans from picking apart every morsel of information in hopes of deciphering what's to come. 

Fan theories are the lifeblood of the internet, and we can always count on reddit to keep that blood pumping.

If you want to speculate about Tigger's parentage or the real identity of the Olson twins, reddit is the place to be. Whether you're there to lurk and read or to contribute, bring a sandwich - you'll be there for a while.

With the amount of mystery surrounding the plot of Star Wars: The Last Jedi and the vastness of the Star Wars universe, it's not surprising fans have plenty to say about who they believe certain characters are, where they think the saga will go next, and, of course, why they think Porgs will be the next Ewoks. And they have no shortage of evidence to support those ideas.

Needless to say, there's enough fan theories to drown a Sarlacc.

Lucky for you, we waded through the e-swamps of Dagobah - r/StarWarsTheories/ and r/StarWarsSpeculation subreddits - and found the top 10 most convincing Last Jedi theories for you. 

10. Snoke is Darth Plagueis.

This may be the Last Jedi theory with the most traction across the internet and the one that has inspired the most "here's why you're wrong" think pieces.

There's a master theory thread that breaks down the motifs in John Wiliams' "Snoke" theme and its similarities to the music that plays when Plagueis' name is mentioned in other Star Wars films. 

The thread also discusses panel reactions to a fan question about Darth Plagueis, similarities in Snoke's appearance to depictions of Plagueis on book covers, and spoken dialogue that may reference Palpatine.

9. Vader/Luke foreshadowing in the movie poster.

By tracing the faces and other design elements on the Last Jedi poster, someone was able to draw the outline of Darth Vader's mask with Luke Skywalker directly in the center, suggesting that Luke will turn to the dark side.

Luke Skywalker himself (Mark Hamill) later posted a modified version of the poster on Instagram that included Vader superimposed over the image.

8. Kylo Ren and Rey will team up.

A lot has been said about the possible misdirects in the trailer, but some fans believe that because Kylo is seen as a disappointment by Snoke and Rey isn't convinced that Luke is the hero he once was, the two powerful Force users will unite and go it alone.

7. A Kylo Ren and Rey romance is coming.

This one is great because it seems just far-fetched enough to work. Some think that Rey and Kylo being, in Rian Johnson's words, "two halves of our protagonist," means that there is a bond between them that might be strengthened when/if Luke rejects Rey because she is too powerful.

6. Luke will die before reaching the "Promised Land."

The "Luke Skywalker is like Moses" idea is not new, but one redditor has a theory that because of the parallels, The Last Jedi will be the setup for Luke's death in Episode IX.

"After freeing his people Moses ascended mount Sinai for 40 days and 40 nights," writes megatom0

"He then returned to the Hebrews to find them worshipping a golden calf, he returns in anger at this, but he also returns with the rule of god, The Ten Commandments... I think this is where we are with Luke. He is searching for the true will of the force, to connect with it on a deeper level. He will return with this knowledge, but will be angry at what has happened to the people he had worked to save before. This will be episode VIII. Episode IX will be the journey through the desert with Luke helping to lead people to the promise land only to die in exile before getting there himself."

5. Luke is following Qui-Gon's path.

Why did Luke disappear and go off to grow a beard on an island? And why is he talking about the Jedi ending in the latest trailer?

User DraftDraw thinks that Luke, like Qui-Gon, has realized that the traditional Jedi way of life is the thing that has to end, and he is on a journey to figure out a better way: "No more blindly following dogmas, just leaving life, at is fullest, not suppressing your feelings like the Jedi Order, but not letting them corrupt you, like the Sith."

4. Rey will retrieve something from Luke's submerged X-Wing on Ach-to.

There are shots of Rey diving into the water in the trailer. Some have used promotional images of an underwater X-wing to suggest that she is going for Luke's compass, though the significance of the compass is unknown.

Or she could be going for a map, but a submerged map may be pretty useless.

3. Snoke is not torturing Rey, he is helping her.

One scene in the trailer shows Rey in pain, suspended in air, with some cloaked figure in the background.

One theory is that the person is actually Snoke, but that he is helping Rey remember forgotten parts of her childhood, not hurting her.

Maybe the memories will bring her to the dark side?

2. Kylo will read Leia's mind.

If you believe that Kylo is going to Ach-to in The Last Jedi, a valid question would be: "How does he find it?"

Some think that the scene from the trailer where it appears to show Kylo's ship facing off with his mother's, he will read her mind to get the coordinates.

An alternate theory is that she will give him the map because she thinks it will be good for him to meet Luke, but we like the first one more.

1. Luke is Rey's father, but he doesn't know.

Saving the best for last? By now everyone is sick of hearing about Rey's parents and how she is or isn't a Skywalker, but the idea that Luke didn't abandon her but that someone else hid her from him makes things a lot more interesting.

Is any of this true? Place your bets now and we'll see how accurate these theories are when the film hits theaters.

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Top 10 'Star Wars: The Last Jedi' Fan Theories on Reddit