Tom Hanks Will Star in Sci-Fi Movie 'Bios' From a 'Game of Thrones' Director

Friday, 27 October 2017 - 8:35PM
Friday, 27 October 2017 - 8:35PM
Tom Hanks Will Star in Sci-Fi Movie 'Bios' From a 'Game of Thrones' Director
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We all love Tom Hanks. He's charming, funny, and his career has been consistently impressive over decades in the movie industry. Now, Hanks is going to add another iconic role to his already impressive repertoire - he'll be playing a key role in the brand new, original sci-fi movie called Bios, which will be directed by Miguel Sapochnik.

Bios sounds like the kind of movie that would be invented if Neill Blomkamp and Tim Burton got drunk and made up a film pitch - it's filled with daddy issues, existentialism, and a bond with a family pet that continues beyond the grave. Also, it has a robot as the main character.

The story is set in a post-apocalyptic world, where an aging, lonely inventor whose health is waning builds a robot to look after his dog. This is essentially a love story, albeit not a traditional one, as the robot learns about life and relationships while under the tutelage of its canine ward.

Tom Hanks will be playing the inventor - essentially, if this were Edward Scissorhands, he would be Vincent Price. It's not known how much Hanks will be in the movie, but considering that the robot will be the main character of the piece, it's worth assuming that Hanks won't exactly be needed a lot when filming the third act of the story.

This quiet, meditative movie feels like something of departure from Miguel Sapochnik's normal work. The director is best known for tense, exciting action adventure television, including his work on Game of Thrones.  Sapochnik's biggest claim to fame is directing the Battle of the Bastards episode of the show, for which he won an Emmy, but there's not a lot in his existing portfolio that matches the expected tone of Bios, so it'll be interesting to see what he makes of the movie.

The past couple of years has seen a smattering of original science fiction titles that have explored new genres that we don't normally see in blockbusters. It's hard not to think of 2016's sci-fi flop Passengers when contemplating Bios, but presumably everyone working on the new film will be hoping that their project turns out better than the time Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence did cute stuff in space together.

And hopefully, it turns out better than Hanks' recent sci-fi movie The Circle.

In a way, it could be said that Bios will be a science-fiction love story itself - albeit one that's about the love between a robot and a dog, rather than a more romantic, sexy form of love.

Either way, it's good that recent box office disappointments haven't scared Hollywood away from greenlighting obscure sci-fi films. Bios doesn't exactly sound like a box office smash hit, as audiences generally don't like being reminded of their own mortality while enjoying a big budget blockbuster.

Regardless, for anyone who enjoys thoughtful speculative fiction, this looks like a movie that's worth keeping an eye on. Tom Hanks building a robot to play fetch with a dog? This movie definitely has all the hallmarks of a future cult classic.
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