Here's the Best of Stoned 'Rick and Morty' Creator Justin Roiland's Reddit AMA

Friday, 14 June 2019 - 10:26AM
Friday, 14 June 2019 - 10:26AM
Here's the Best of Stoned 'Rick and Morty' Creator Justin Roiland's Reddit AMA
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In case you missed it, Rick and Morty co-creator and Squanch Games co-founder Justin Roiland did an AMAZING AMA on Reddit nine days ago. Roiland answered an amazing number of questions covering everything from his sources of inspiration to Kanye West to "Titanic." Ever faithful to our audience, we went through the comments and picked out his best answers, which he somehow managed to formulate after having consumed at least part of a THC edible. Here they are.

• On existential themes in Ricky and Morty episodes and how he thinks they affect the show's audience.

"Dan and I have always been fascinated with multiple realities, what life actually is, and other smarty pants things. (sorry I'm high from a weed edible) We have definitely gotten interesting reactions from fans. One guy told me he thinks he can control reality. Who knows. Maybe he can. Who are we to say until his alleged powers have been properly debunked. Speaking of multiple realities... has anyone see Dan Harmon's "Laser Fart" series from the 2000's? He has an episode where he plays with multiple realities and it blew my mind when I first saw it. And on House of Cosbys it was going to be revealed that the Cosbys weren't clones at all, but they were being pulled from other realities. That's why the big dino aliens showed up. To warn them of what they were doing."

• On meeting Kanye West:

"Kanye is one of a kind. I was a bit in awe. I have said this before, but if Kanye had unlimited funds and unlimited people power he would create some absolutely insane shit. Really cool insane stuff. Like Meow Wolf type stuff. He has more ideas than he has time to complete them. I like people like that. Good energy. Never a dull moment."


• On his reaction to the final scene between Jack and Rose in "Titanic" and whether or not he cried.

"I don't think I cried. Pretty sure I didn't. Movies where dogs die get me though. Can't handle that shit. Keep it away. I don't like feeling shitty and sad. Who watches that stuff? Happy people. Thats who. People who are deeply fulfilled and happy."

• On working with co-creator Dan Harmon:

"Like working with a brother. Dan is like a brother to me. As close as you can get while not actually being related. He is family to me. So all the good and bad that comes with working with a sibling, and that's not to say it's bad. It's really good. Honestly, people think we fight and we really don't. We have eerily similar comedic sensibilities and interests and only a few times here and there do we disagree about something tonally or comedically. Like, I can count on one hand across the life of the show how many times we have passionately disagreed about a joke or moment. Our biggest differences are when to say it's done or... good enough, moving on. For better or for worse when there's a joke or a moment that doesn't jump out at me as legitimately not good I'm fine with moving along with what we have. A lot of times I even like what we have quite a bit. Harmon would punch up every line at each stage of production if he could. And that's not necessarily a bad thing. It's about making something perfect, and a lot of our best episodes are that way because of that pursuit."

• On whether or not the scandals surrounding Bill Cosby affected his feelings for the comedian.

"How could they not? It fucking suuuuuuuuuuuuucks man. He was a hero to me. I fucking loved the cosby show. I own the box set and maybe I'll watch it down the road and try to pretend it's from a reality where he wasn't drugging and raping women."

• On what he hates most about Rick and Morty fans:

"Better way to ask this would be "What do you hate the most about humanity" because a fan base is just a sampling of humanity. And my answer would be... a bunch of stuff. But honest to god, Rick and Morty fans (That I've met) have all been the best. We have a really diverse fan base which I am really proud of. I've only done a few conventions but everyone is so damn nice, and people I meet in the world.. always super nice."

• His reply to a random comment from a dissatisfied fan:

"Time is moving so slow, and yet so fast at the same time. Before you know it ten more years will have past and you'll remember this comment and be like... I was just there ten years ago reading that for the first time and now it's ten years later and I'm dying.

• On where he gets his inspiration for the show's surreal humor:

"The state, Mr.Show, early SNL... I'm sure there is a ton of stuff I'm forgetting. Lots of movies. I watched TONS of horror movies as a real young kid. Tons. When my 4th grade teacher forced my parents to put me on ritalin I had to see a psychiatrist and the dude flipped when my mom told him the movies I watched hahaha. Hellraiser 1 and 2, all the nightmare on elm st. movies, Friday the 13 movies, all the full moon movies like... the worst of them. I mean. All I watched was horror. So we left the psychiatrist's office with a new rule... no more horror movies! That lasted about a month and I was BACK IN THE GAME! Thanks for being lazy mom and dad!!! Also, I got off ritalin as soon as I graduated 4th grade and got away from that ritalin pushing teacher."

• On his greatest source of inspiration besides "alcohol, drugs, and crippling depression."

"Hmm. Being happy I guess. And when I'm not happy I have to break the rules of your question and eat a little bit of weed edibles. A small small amount. But it helps turn on the creativity faucet. I have a 70/30 good to "I was high" ratio on output. Not bad at all."

Rick and Morty returns for a 4th season in November, 2019.


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