Space Force Training: New FPS Game Brings Players Into Zero-Gravity Firefights

Wednesday, 26 June 2019 - 10:20AM
Wednesday, 26 June 2019 - 10:20AM
Space Force Training: New FPS Game Brings Players Into Zero-Gravity Firefights
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Plan of Attack
The last time – at least to our knowledge – that any personal weapons were carried into space, it was the TP-82 survival pistol loaded into survival kits by Russian cosmonauts who, wary of winding up in the Siberian wilderness outside of their intended landing zones upon returning to Earth, kept the triple-barreled weapon to deal with bears. Fear of ursine predation aside, the relative dearth of space-carried firearms makes sense. In an environment where even seemingly insignificant pieces of space trash can damage equipment, a negligent discharge – to say nothing of an intentional shooting – could prove catastrophic in ways unheard of on Earth. 

And catastrophe, of course, makes for a great game idea. 

Enter "Boundary," a new First Person Shooter game created by indy developer Surgical Scalpels as part of the rising Zero G genre which pits players against each other in zero gravity. According to their press release, "Boundary" was originally imagined as a VR game – which would've been awesome – but was instead developed for PS4 with the possibility of "potential conversion to XBox One and PC later on." 

From what we can tell, players can choose from one of five magazine-fed weapons to enter the fray with, two of which are curiously equipped with suppressors (there's no sound in space and we wonder what the utility of flash suppressor would be in a firefight while floating around the ISS). Whatever, they look cool. 

Courtesy: Plan of Attack

What isn't shown in the trailer are the effects of physics on the shooter. As How Stuff Works points out, the recoil from firing any personal weapon in space would result in the operator being pushed backwards – or in the opposite direction of whichever way the projectile was fired. Fortunately, you would not be moving at the same velocity. As Aisha Harris pointed out in a 2012 Slate article, "In most cases [recoil] would be very manageable, however, bouncing you back at a speed of less than one meter per second, so you wouldn't have to worry about seriously injuring yourself. Even if you fired a .44 Magnum, for example, and weighed only 100 pounds, the recoil velocity would be under 0.5 mph, which is still less than walking speed."

Here's the trailer for "Boundary."

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