A Guide To Spotting A UFO Hoax

Monday, 30 September 2013 - 2:30PM
Monday, 30 September 2013 - 2:30PM
A Guide To Spotting A UFO Hoax
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In this modern age, you don't have to be a lifelong I.T nerd to create life-like images within a video. This very fact is something that has been bugging Ufologists for a number of years now, with fake and doctored UFO sighting videos flooding the internet and drawing resources away from genuinely interesting events. 


So how does one go about telling the difference between a hoax and a genuine sighting? Here are a few tips to get you on the road to becoming a more discerning viewer:


- Repeat Offenders

Quite often, some of the worst UFO hoaxers are those who brag about seeing UFOs on an implausibly regular basis. Some people spend their whole lives without witnessing a single UFO, yet we're meant to believe that these guys are somehow getting 'Amazing' footage every other day? You can normally spot these folks in the comments sections on Youtube or uploading videos that shout at you in their titles like "AMAZING REAL UFO FOOTAGE..MUST SEE!!". Many of these videos pop up on the same channels, so do yourself a favor and avoid these so-called 'sources' for your UFO footage.


- Too Good To Be True?

If a video looks like something from a big budget science fiction movie, the chances are that's exactly where it belongs. Some of the UFO sightings with the most Youtube views are so beautifully rendered people want to believe they're real, but the reality is that a genuine sighting is hard enough to come by, let alone in glorious High Definition. These are most likely going to be a college design project or someone with too much time on their hands.


- Bad Footage Means Bad News

Just as crystal clear footage should ring some alarm bells, those wobbly nausea-inducing clips should also be taken with a pinch of salt. These blurry videos leave a lot more questions to be answered, but that's also why they are becoming so popular with hoaxers. If you can't make out what an object is because it's never in focus, then that makes it trickier to argue that it's a fake. 


- Just Passing By

Be sure to look at how a UFO interacts with its environment. It's one thing to superimpose an object into previously recorded footage, but to have it successfully move past objects in the foreground of a video takes a great deal more skill. We recently uploaded this sighting of an Orb in Italy, but take a look what happens when it moves behind the pylons...Is it behind them or is it in front?


- Focus, Focus, Focus

The person behind it might do, but the camera never lies. Many UFO hoaxers get caught out by simply not matching the focus of their superimposed object to that of the original video footage. Make sure you look closely at the foreground and the background of the video. Is the UFO crystal clear even when the camera adjusts its focus? If so, you've got yourself a fake!


- Learn Their Trade

UFO hoaxers are not members of the magic circle, far from it. The secrets of their trade are papered all over the internet and by learning their tricks, you will be better prepared to stop them. In the video above, you can listen to a renowned British UFO hoaxer explain how he goes about creating the perfect UFO fake.


- Motive Is Everything

It is important to remember that not everyone is a hoaxer. Many UFO sightings come from people who really have seen something they can't explain. While it might seem obvious to you that it's a chinese fire lantern or a weather balloon, assess the tone of any description before calling someone out as a hoaxer. 


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