UFO Reports To UK Police Force Are Revealed

Monday, 28 October 2013 - 3:27PM
Monday, 28 October 2013 - 3:27PM
UFO Reports To UK Police Force Are Revealed
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A local newspaper in the UK has obtained the details from 4 years of UFO sighting reports filed with the Hertfordshire Police Force in the South of England. Upon receipt of the documents from the county's police force, The Hertfordshire Mercury discovered that 27 UFO sightings had been formally reported to the police since 2009, many of which were reported in person at area police stations.


Many of the reports simply state that a strange object has been spotted in the sky, but as the local reporter points out, some of the reports go into far more detail, like this witness who appears certain they have just seen a genuine UFO... 


"I am in the aviation business and I am not a prank and haven't been drinking, has there been any sightings of UFOs because I have just seen one, very large orange ball, disappeared and reappeared gained height, flipped over (sic)."


Regardless of your thoughts on their credibility, it's always interesting to hear of reports from aviation professionals and this particular one is no exception. It should also be noted that you don't need to be an aviation professional to recognize that a large orange orb that is able to just disappear is not a normal occurrence!


While the police files do show up their fair share of drunken prank calls, many of the reports seem to come from genuinely intrigued individuals who are clearly unable to identify what they have seen.  With this in mind, it's incredibly frustrating to hear that when the police turned over the files, they stated that no action is taken with any UFO sighting report they received, with the exception of the odd call to the Civil Aviation Authority.


Could this mean that regional police force files could be a potential treasure trove of UFO sightings reports and data? If so, could the police be doing more with this information or are the presence of drunken hoaxes enough to warrant their inaction?


Don't forget, in most countries now, police files like these ones can be made available to anyone who cares to make the request.

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