Australian Mass UFO Sighting Sparks Similar Reports From California

Wednesday, 11 December 2013 - 10:17AM
Wednesday, 11 December 2013 - 10:17AM
Australian Mass UFO Sighting Sparks Similar Reports From California
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On December 1st, reports came flooding in about strange objects in the sky above Mt. Annan, a suburb of Sydney, Australia. These reports were soon followed by similar accounts from Cleveland in Queensland over 600 miles away. Many of these UFO sightings came with images accompanied with almost identical descriptions.


"The light in the sky was dancing somewhat, so i grabbed the camera and started snapping away." said one reader of the Macarthur Chronicle.


Another account reads "They were very high up in the sky, too high up for a helicopter and distinctly round and definitely a plane of some sort. They glided very fast and with no sound." 


The majority of these reports all stated the objects were disk-shaped and fast moving and had bright lights either red or green in color. Finding a story corroborated with reports spanning 600 miles is interesting enough, but could these events have been witnessed all the way over in California?


The Macarthur Chronicle states that a report was sent in from the Sunshine State claiming that they too had witnessed a similar display. 


"It came from the North West direction and headed South East yet it seemed far from my point of view. The object appeared to have a tail like in the picture and then stopped and hovered for a bit before it completely disappeared in the middle of the sky."


So, is this man's account enough to convince you that this is a UFO event that has spanned thousands of miles? Or are they unrelated events that point to a wider increase of strange activity in the global skies? 

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