TV Audience Witnesses UFO On Live BBC Stargazing Show

Tuesday, 07 January 2014 - 3:43PM
Tuesday, 07 January 2014 - 3:43PM
TV Audience Witnesses UFO On Live BBC Stargazing Show
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Footage has now been posted online showing the UFO that got TV audiences all hot and bothered during last night's broadcast. At the beginning of the segment there is nothing to be seen in the sky but stars. Skip to 47 seconds and a strange blinking object appears.


Reports are flooding in of a possible UFO sighting during the BBC's 'Stargazing Live' show this evening. The show, hosted by Professor Brian Cox, invites Brits to look to the skies with stargazing tips and highlights from recent space exploration missions. However, during tonight's live broadcast a strange object was spotted darting across the screen, subsequently prompting viewers to take to social media and claim it was a UFO.


"Did anyone see a UFO on #StargazingLIVE when they cut to Norwich?" @KarlStacey


"Who saw that UFO on the line (sic) broadcast from Norwich?" @Scubadooper


"Ooh a UFO on #stargazing definitely not an aeroplane #honest" @simonrockett


This is not the first time that BBC's Stargazing Live show caused a stir for UFO hunters either. 3 years ago an object was spotted shooting across the cloudy skies behind a presenter on the show, an event which prompted an equally confounded reaction from the show's social media followers. 


We'll try and get you some footage of tonight's event, but until then, relive that now famous moment from January 2011 with the video above.

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