Big UFO Hoax Hopes To Fool UFO Believers

Wednesday, 26 February 2014 - 12:08PM
Wednesday, 26 February 2014 - 12:08PM
Big UFO Hoax Hopes To Fool UFO Believers
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If you look up to the sky on April 5th at 8pm and see a fleet of strange objects circling overhead, don't be alarmed. What you are seeing isn't a large scale alien invasion, it is in fact a big hoax. 'The Big UFO Project' is a massive event that organizers hope will spark panic on a global scale and create a feeling of apocalypse in the media and among UFO believers. Using remote controlled drones with LED lights, the hoaxers will embark upon a coordinated launch that will see certain portions of our night sky littered with fleets of fast moving lights.


Nigel Watson is the man who discovered plans for the event and he told reporters that there are dozens of volunteers in countries including USA, France, UK and South Africa all ready to embark on the coordinated prank, with even more lining up to participate. Currently the events are being coordinated via the FPV Lab Forums where any owner of a multirotor drone or aircraft able to carry lights are invited to join in on the April 5th event. Why April 5th you say? Event organizers decided to move what was initially meant to be an April Fool's Day prank to the day after to make it look less obvious....


Watson, who recently authored the Haynes Guide To UFOs says that event organizers are intent on causing hysteria among believers, remarking

"It is surprising how easy it is to fool people into thinking they have seen a UFO, especially if is lights in the sky."

But what about the frustration this is going to cause those who actually investigate sightings reports? Watson doesn't believe organizers care a jot for those folks and fears that some may even buy into the prank... 


"Others might be annoyed that it is polluting the difference between genuine UFO sightings and misidentifications," said Watson. "Even if the Hoax is revealed, some Ufologists will state that this is a cover-up for real UFO sightings and/or a project to get us used to the idea of UFO invasion in preparation for full disclosure of their reality by our world governments."


So is this just a personal crusade to cheese off a particular group of people? If so, lets hope that reports such as this and thiscan help put a spanner in the works? So, spread the word and let's see if we can get this hoax stopped in its tracks!

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