Military Exercises Spark Mass UFO Sightings In Anaheim, California

Wednesday, 05 March 2014 - 10:05AM

A series of exercises involving military and law enforcement helicopters have sparked a wave of UFO sightings in Anaheim, California. Videos and reports like the one above have been pouring into MUFON's reporting desk throughout the month of February, but MUFON's investigator in the area believes they are all perfectly explainable.


"Multiple reports of military helicopters 'chasing UFOs' in the Anaheim, CA, area throughout February 2014 appear to be a combination of military training exercises and and man-made sky lanterns according to a March 4th statement by Cinde Costello, Southern California for the Mutual UFO Network." said the statement.


Indeed, the Camp Pendleton Marine Corps Base is situated just 70 miles south of Anaheim and regularly carries out exercises in the area. Camp Pendleton is home to 180 military helicopters and has also been known to house a range of other aircraft designated to off-base groups. The increased activity at the base was part of Operation Iron Fist, a month-long series of training operations that were carried out off-shore as well as in-land.


Throughout February, Costello received six reports in total and some, but not all, occurred during the final event of Operation Iron Fist, which saw training move inland after an amphibious landing at the Southern California base. Costello's investigation concludes that, while most of these observations were related to helicopter flights, not all of them were of a military nature. Those sightings that did not occur during Operation Iron Fist exercises are more than likely to be attributed to law enforcement aircraft in the area. But what of the mysterious white orbs that appear in two of the reports? Well, Costello believes these to be man-made sky lanterns sent into launched with a view to interfering with law enforcement operations...


"Yes, I do feel that many of these lanterns are connected with a group of hoaxers - probably teenagers or young adults and it's quite possible that they may be launching them with two things in mind," Costello told The Examiner. "First to get a rise out of people - these lanterns are being launched at around the same time of day, in the early evening, and in locations near a major freeway - usually the '91'. And second to annoy and distract the local police and air support units."


So it would seem that this recent spate of activity in the Anaheim area is all perfectly explainable, but the sightings have at least led to the discovery of a potential hoaxer group which may now be tracked down.