Godzilla And Other Great Sci-Fi Movies On Netflix In May

Thursday, 01 May 2014 - 10:18AM
Thursday, 01 May 2014 - 10:18AM
Godzilla And Other Great Sci-Fi Movies On Netflix In May
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Wow, Netflix don't miss a beat do they? With excitement building around Gareth Edwards' massive monster movie, Godzilla, Netflix have given us all the opportunity to go on a total Kaiju binge this month, adding no fewer than 7 Godzilla and Kaiju-themed movies to their streaming platform for May. But, that's not all, there are a host of other great sci-fi movies coming to Netflix in May. Check out the list below and start building that watch list.


Fantasatic Voyage (1966)

A true sci-fi classic. Fantastic Voyage stars Raquel Welch and Stephen Boyd who are sent aboard a miniaturized submarine to travel inside the body of a brilliant scientist. As the shrunken submarine crew delve deep into the scientist's body, they encounter an array of fantastic perils including white blood cells and saboteurs. This essential viewing for any fans of the Magic School Bus or Osmosis Jones.


Fido (2006)

A sometimes cringe-worthy Zombie Comedy starring Carrie-Ann Moss and Billy Connolly, Fido explores what happens when humanity embraces a zombie infestation wholeheartedly. After a cloud of space radiation turns the dead into Zombies, an enterprising organization is able to successfully manufacture a domestication collar for the flesh-hungry undead. Little Timmy has a zombie named Fido who is not only his pet, but his best friend. However, Timmy's friendship with Fido comes under threat when his pet is accused of murder and the public opinion of their undead slaves takes a dramatic drop.


Final Fantasy XII - Advent Children (2005)

A beautiful CGI movie spin-off set two years after Square Enix's Final Fantasy XII game. Mercenary Cloud Strife is forced to come out of hiding when a disease known as 'Geostigma' plagues the planet. When Cloud learns that a trio of spirits are trying to resurrect the body of the evil Sephiroth, he is forced to revisit a past he had hoped would never arise again.


Ghidora The Three Headed Monster (1964)

This Ishiro Honda classic brings King Ghidorah to Earth on the back of a meteor. The three-headed, laser shooting winged bundle of awesomeness soon starts causing some serious destruction. Couple that with Godzilla and Rodan's smashy exploits and it's a bad day at the office for the Japanese Government. In an effort to stop this giant triple-threat, Mothra is summoned to convince Rodan and Godzilla to work together to remove the threat of Ghidora the Three Headed Monster.


Godzilla Strikes Again (1955)

A new threat emerges from the pacific ocean, it looks like Godzilla, it's just as bloody destructive as Godzilla, but heck - it isn't Godzilla. Godzilla's arch nemesis Anguirus has risen and is laying waste to the Pacific Islands. Humanity's only hope is to lure Godzilla into a battle with his ancient foe to reduce two threats into one.


Godzilla vs Mothra (1992)

A favourite among Kaiju fans, Godzilla vs Mothra brings not two, but three giant monsters to the fray. Godzilla is awoken by a meteor strike (damn those meteors) while Mothra's egg is uncovered by a group of explorers. With Mothra awakening, her ancient enemy Battra also rises. You kind of see where this is going by now....


Godzilla King of the Monsters (1956)

Godzilla King of the Monsters is product of an American repurposing of footage from the original Japanese movie, Godzilla. It's dubbed so poorly it's funny, but that's all part of the movie's charm. This truly is the movie that brought Godzilla to the western world, so watch it and marvel at its historic prominence.


Godzilla's Revenge (1971)

Not one of Honda's finest moments, Godzilla's Revenge repurposes a ton of old footage to tell the story of a young boy who imagines a host of whacky Kaiju battles. Honestly, there's so much weirdness in this movie that, if you can get over the lack of plot, it's pretty damn fun.


Rodan (1956)

A series of UFO sightings are reported around the world, stumping some of the planet's greatest mind. But soon it becomes clear that the object is no spaceships or aircraft, it is in fact, Rodan. The flying Kaiju has emerged after millions of years in hibernation and he's not alone. It soon emerges that two Rodans are terrorizing the planet with the supersonic speeds and the Japanese army must devise a way to bring them down or risk the destruction of life as we know it.


Starman (1984)

Before he was The Dude, Jeff Bridges was, Starman. John Carpenter's 1984 tells the story of an alien being who travels to Earth after receiving a message of peace from NASA's Voyager spacecraft. But when the alien arrives on Earth, he is met with a barrage of artillery which brings his spaceship crashing down. The alien enlists the help of a lonely widow (after taking on the form of her deceased husband) and the pair embark on a perilous trip to get the alien off this violent planet.


The Terror of MechaGodzilla (1975)

An alien race constructs a giant mechanical kaiju to destroy Earth's major cities. Humanity's only hope is to summon Godzilla to bring the Mechagodzilla down. But when a traitorous scientist hands the aliens a secret weapon, Godzilla finds himself battling two behemoths instead of one.

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