Raelians Ask Canadian Government for Alien Embassy

Tuesday, 03 June 2014 - 3:16PM
Tuesday, 03 June 2014 - 3:16PM
Raelians Ask Canadian Government for Alien Embassy
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Raelian leaders will be revealing their official design for an embassy that they will be proposing to the Canadian feds in a press conference this wednesday. The embassy, meant to welcome friendly extraterrestrials, is rumored to have a bedroom, several conference rooms, and a large courtyard for spaceship parking. 


This effort to build a space embassy is only the latest of many efforts by the Raelians to obtain government-sanctioned land. They initially hoped to obtain permission from Israel to build the embassy near Jerusalem, but by the year 2000, Israel had already refused them 7 times. They have asked other countries as well, since, according to the Raelians, the aliens aren't very picky. They only want land that is extraterritorial, so exempt from local laws, a moderate climate, and a large enough embassy to host several hundred thousand people. 


Credit: Rael.org


For those of us who had never heard about these Raelians before today, here is a little crash course on this group:


Although many label it a cult, Raelians claim to be a religion. And from a sociological point of view, they are probably right. They have a 90,000 member following, making them the largest UFO-based religion in existence today. 


The religion traces its origins back to December 13, 1973 when Claude Vorilhon, the French singer-songwriter-turned-journalist-turned-race car driver commonly know as "Rael," claims to have encountered extraterrestrial beings called Elohim. Thus, the Raelist theology is based solely on Rael's own account of his experience with the Elohim that one fateful evening. You can listen to him explain all of this here.


Credit: Extraordinary Intelligence


Raelism is based on the belief that all life was brought to earth thousands of years ago as part of a science experiment conducted by the "Elohim," an extraterrestrial population who later contacted all of the major religions' prophets (ie. Jesus, Moses, Buddha) throughout the ages to help guide the human population in the direction of peace and non-violence. 


Rael claims to be the latest prophet of the Elohim, and hopes to fulfill the demand that the Elohim made in 1973, asking him to organize an embassy somewhere on Earth, fit to accommodate their spacecraft. According to Rael, they believe that humans have finally achieved a sufficiently advanced understanding of science and are therefore ready to receive a direct visit from members of their planet. 


image credit: Vice


Sexuality is also a fundamental aspect to Raelism and it's practices. There are several branches of Rael followers, such as the "Rael Girls," who advocate for certain beliefs regarding sexuality, such as equal topless rights. 

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