Alien Corpses and Autopsies from Roswell to Today (Graphic Pictures and Videos)

Tuesday, 17 June 2014 - 11:30AM
Tuesday, 17 June 2014 - 11:30AM
Alien Corpses and Autopsies from Roswell to Today (Graphic Pictures and Videos)
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Almost as long as there have been UFO sightings, there have been reports of alien corpses. Likely the most famous of these reports involves a video of an alien autopsy after the Roswell UFO incident. In the 1990's, Ray Santilli released a home video (above) that depicted an alien autopsy, supposedly of a corpse found in the unidentified object that crashed on a ranch in Roswell, New Mexico in 1947. The video was later revealed to be a hoax, and the purported "alien" to be a dummy, but Santilli insists that the video is a recreation of a real alien autopsy that he filmed in 1992, but was forced to mostly recreate when the film degraded over time. He claims that he inserted any real surviving frames into the video when appropriate, but has never released which frames are real and which are simulations.


Similarly, in 1998, the TNT special, "The Secret KGB UFO Files," released a video of an alleged UFO crash in the former district of Sverdlovsky. The video not only shows footage of the crash, but of an alien autopsy. The footage of the Soviet military has often been characterized as consistent with the time period, and there is an eyewitness who swears that the recovery mission did occur. The autopsy is considered to be more suspect, but there is no definitive proof for either its veracity or falsehood. There is supposedly KGB documentation that verifies the occurrence of the autopsy, but these documents are "secret" and have never been revealed.


The Atacama Skeleton



A six-inch humanoid skeleton dubbed "Ata" was found in the Atacama desert in 2003. The 2013 documentary "Sirius" detailed the discovery of Ata, and speculated that it was an alien. Many UFOlogists have cited Ata as proof of extraterrestrial life on Earth, but when scientists analyzed its DNA, they found that it is actually a human child whose remains were mummified. There are many theories regarding the cause of its diminutive size (besides the mummification process itself), as well as the cause of its irregularly large head. For example, the child may have suffered from progeria, an extremely rare disorder in which children display traits of old age and die very prematurely. This disease also causes an irregularly large skull size. Others speculated that it had Oxycephaly or a rare form of dwarfism, although no dwarfism genes were found during the DNA analysis. Others suggest that Ata may have actually been a premature fetus.




Alien in the Refrigerator


There was also a report in 2011 that a Russian woman named Marta Yegoravnam had been keeping an alien corpse frozen in her refrigerator for two years. She claimed to have found the body after a UFO crashed near her house, among a flaming wreckage of "unbearably hot" crumpled metal. It looked somewhat like a two-foot-long amphibian, with a large head, bulbous eyes, and one stick-like arm. According to Unexplained Mysteries, two men claiming to be from the Karelian Research Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences came to her home confiscated the corpse for "investigative purposes." 



This incident has never been revealed to be a hoax, and prominent paranormal writer Michael Cohen claimed that "Russia is a hotbed of UFO activity and possible alien craft has been tracked by both military and civilian agencies. In all likelihood most alien beings would look strange to us, much like this specimen."


The Audacious Mr. Li



Last year, a Chinese farmer posted pictures online of an alien that he had successfully captured. When the Chinese police investigated, they found the "alien" in his refrigerator and it was... a rubber doll. Mr Li was arrested for "disturbing the public order." We don't know what's more "disturbing"- that the Chinese government has their citizens on such a short leash, or that Mr. Li would risk imprisonment for such an imbecilic hoax.

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