Government Officials Reference UFOs in Wikileaks Documents

Tuesday, 24 June 2014 - 4:48PM
Tuesday, 24 June 2014 - 4:48PM
Government Officials Reference UFOs in Wikileaks Documents
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Several classified documents that were released by Wikileaks founder Julian Assange contain references to extraterrestrials or UFOs. Some of them are ridiculous stretches (a news outlet that will remain nameless got us all excited about one UFO reference that turned out to be discussing "unidentified foreign organizations"), but others legitimately seem to detail government officials discussing alien life.


Here are a few of the more credible ones:


1) Japanese government official displeased that his country dismissed UFO reports


In a document released by Wikileaks, Chief Cabinet Secretary Nobutaka Machimura expressed his discontentment at the Japanese government's dismissal of reports of UFO sightings and abductions. 


The document states: "Chief Cabinet Secretary Nobutaka Machimura stated in a press conference yesterday: 'I am sure that unidentified flying objects exist.' He elaborated: 'Otherwise, it is impossible to explain the Nazca Lines (in Peru, which some believe were created by aliens), isn´t it?' The government yesterday adopted in a cabinet meeting an official response to a question by Ryuji Yamada, a Democratic Party of Japan member. The statement says that the government has not confirmed the existence of UFOs. It was the first time for the government to deny the existence of UFOs. Machimura, while stressing that it was his personal view that UFOs exist, said: 'The government has offered only a boilerplate response in its formal statement.'"


2) Mayor of Dushanbe believes that there is life on other planets


In a classified documentU.S. Ambassador Ken Gross recounted a conversation with Tajik mayor Mahmadsaid Ubaidulloev in which they mostly discussed political issues such as upcoming elections, casualties for both countries in Afghanistan, etc. But at some point, the conversation turned to extraterrestrial life.


Gross wrote: "[Ubaidulloev] asserted the existence of life on other planets, caveating this by noting that we should focus on solving our problems on Earth." According to Gross, Ubaidulloev's exact words were, "We know there is life on other planets, but we must make peace here first."


Gross described the conversation as "a right painful 90 minutes," and the mayor himself as "difficult, unpredictable, and sometimes hostile."


3) Canadian government expresses concern that UFO religion wants to clone humans and channel Nazi Germany


Several unclassified documents from the Canadian government reference the Raelians, followers of a religion whose doctrine states that human life is an elaborate laboratory experiment conducted by aliens. The officials were primarily worried about their penchant for giving Catholic students crosses to burn in an attempt to turn them away from their erroneous religion, as well as their claim that they had successfully cloned a human being in a laboratory.


One of the documents states, "The ultimate goal of Raelians is to create life in a laboratory which would make human beings immortal and enable them to create another civilization on another planet. In the meantime … [they] want to build an embassy in Israel to welcome the Elohim when they come back in 2035. The group has also been criticized for advocating the use of genetics for eugenic attempts at improving the human race."


A couple others, just for fun:


-Belarussian Minister of Defense Yuriy Zhadobin claims that the government used to investigate paranormal phenomena in Soviet times, but no longer had the funding.

-French UFO abductee "claimed he had received information psychically [that] a comet fragment would crash into the Atlantic Ocean on May 25, 2006, and cause a giant tsunami." We're still waiting.

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