Ufologist Claims Discovery of Fluorescent Substance Left on UFO Abductees

Thursday, 26 June 2014 - 2:59PM
Thursday, 26 June 2014 - 2:59PM
Ufologist Claims Discovery of Fluorescent Substance Left on UFO Abductees
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Have we found physical evidence for alien abductions? Short answer: probably not.


UFOlogy researcher Eve Lorgen has published an article of her own original research called "Fluorescence Findings on Various Body Sites of Abductees."


In the body of the article, she discusses the varied appearances of this fluorescent substance and the frequency with which it appears on different parts of the body. The most common type is greenish-yellow and found all over the body, while a less common type is hot pink and generally found on the hands. The abductees who report the latter described the "handling and cuddling of infant alien/human hybrid creatures" when recounting their abductions. 


In the discussion section of the article, she speculates that this substance is analogous to the oil on human skin that can be transferred through casual handling. "It is uncertain whether fluorometric substances such as fluorescent probes, markers and labels are intentionally utilized by the Abductors, as is commonly used in current biotechnology and medical applications. Because most of the fluorescence is found as irregular splotching all over the body, it appears that it could be due to alien – human handling via direct skin contact." Or, in more technical terms, "One could surmise that much of the fluorescence found on the abductees is a substance that has the ability to diffuse from an external source (i.e., alleged alien skin and instrument surfaces) to the dermal layers of the recipient."


(However, she also claims that there is evidence that the abductees are deliberately marked: "One subject had a green/yellow marking that resembled a fractal pattern, which the aliens told her, is a special marking denoting a type of rank in a hierarchy.")


She postulates that the presence of this substance on the aliens' skin may be a byproduct of interdimensional travel: "If fluorescence is a unique characteristic of aliens, their instruments and the substances they utilize (i.e., on abductees, or on their craft) perhaps it is a result of repeated interdimensional shifts and changes in electronic energy states due to subjection of high energy radiation, or some form of high energy states. Abductees have observed the appearing and disappearing of entities, their craft, and have reported experiencing a form of instantaneous materialization of their bodies from one location to another during the abduction process. They also have reported floating through walls, windows and other buildings while with the aliens. The mechanism or technology responsible for this type of phenomenon is unclear."


According to her website, Lorgen is a UFOlogist, yogi, author, and counselor with an M.A. in Counseling Psychology (although she doesn't specify from where). She also holds a B.S. in biochemistry (insert BS joke of your choice). She specializes in Anomalous Trauma, which includes "alien abductions, near death experiences, shamanic initiations, mind control, spiritual warfare, demonic and psychic attacks, cult involvement, narcissistic abuse, and military abductions (milabs)." Well, if there's a portmanteau for it, then it must be a real thing.


She has also pioneered research on a phenomenon that she calls the "love bite," in which aliens act as Cupids and force abductees to fall in love with certain people. You can't make this stuff up.


[Credit: Eve Lorgen]


A few choice quotes from the subjects of her study:


"Yes, we CAN pass our body through a solid substance IF our particles are 'adjusted'!" Is this from the perspective of the aliens? It's unclear.


"I have seen that green mottled mass you speak of. It was after the incubus experience I had years ago." Oh right, that.


"There's the Tinkerbells I call them, little lights that dart happily around (unnoticed by my husband as is basically everything I'm talking about) and the energy swirls and the things you see darting about out of the corners of your eyes and the "shadows" of people (usually short!) who aren't really there. What is this stuff? Does anyone know? It makes you think you're nuts! Funny how you get used to it."

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