Happy World UFO Day! The Most Popular UFO Sightings in the Past Year

Wednesday, 02 July 2014 - 12:35PM
Wednesday, 02 July 2014 - 12:35PM
Happy World UFO Day! The Most Popular UFO Sightings in the Past Year
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Today is World UFO Day, commemorating the approximate anniversary of the Roswell UFO landing. In honor of this hallowed day, we've compiled the five most viewed UFO "sightings" on Youtube from the past year. 


5) Akureyri, Iceland, September 2013


[Credit: UFO-DI]


This short video shows a pretty, bright UFO descend on a residential area in Iceland. Commenters argue that it's most likely an emergency flare, or possibly a Chinese lantern. From its appearance, a Chinese lantern seems unlikely to me, but a flare would be a fairly fitting explanation.


4) Afghanistan, July 2013


[Credit: Section 51]


This video purportedly shows US Marines shooting at a huge UFO. It's not a typical flying saucer, but a large, intricate spacecraft that's vaguely egg-shaped. It also has many smaller UFOs emerging from it, which is a common theme in UFO sightings


The commenters are dubious, to say the least. One commenter says, "This has to be real, its on Youtube," while another says, "These are US marines? They couldn't hit a barn door with a shovel. They miss a huge UFO and hit the mountain instead!"


Those two seem to be joking, but another commenter is decidedly serious: "Do not trust this channel, this channel is work directly for the USA government. They want to create a bad impression on E.T. so that you will be afraid to death when they are actually coming to help us. War in alien minds is stupid and dumb, it nevers solve problem, only grow hatred." It's a very nice idea that aliens are peaceful, I know I'd rather live out E.T. or Earth to Echo than Mars Attacks or Alien.


3) Afghanistan, March 2014


[Credit: Section 51]


This slightly disturbing footage shows an unidentified flying object destroying a Taliban camp. Let's be real, it's probably a drone. 


2) Afghanistan, August 2013


[Credit: Section 51]


Marines supposedly filmed this in a helicopter over Afghanistan last summer. It's a short video of a fairly close, strange-looking aircraft. With its insectoid exoskeleton-like structure, it almost looks like one of those organic alien ships on Stargate Atlantis.


The commenters are quick to point out that realistically, marines would likely be on the defensive (or offensive, for that matter), if a real UFO came that close to them in enemy territory. The most entertaining comment: "we all know this is fake for one good reason, there was an american with a gun and it didnt shot at it we know americans love to shoot shit up :P"


1) Reutlingen, Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany, December 2013


[Credit: Audio Color World]


A UFO sits in a field. (That sounds like the beginning of a bad joke, doesn't it?) The suspense is killing us as we wait an entire freaking minute for the thing to take off. Seriously, ain't no one got time for this. And then, when it finally does take off, the filmmaker points the camera at the ground as he or she seems to run after it, and we take a few seconds to look at the nice green grass. Are you kidding me with this? Then we watch it as it interminably gets tinier in the sky, and then it suddenly flies away and disappears with a burst of light (hyperspace?). Then, after the UFO has left, we somehow cut to much blurrier footage of the alien driver, who waves very nicely at us. Aw.


The commenters had a few complaints about the realism of this video. One claims that the trees would have been illuminated when the light from the UFO hit them, but instead they became blurrier. Another gripes that the ground would have been affected the pressure of the UFO taking off. Another quotes Neil deGrasse Tyson, "Photoshop probably comes with a UFO button now." But my personal favorite is: "i dont beleve this bulshits."

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