Aetherius Society Believes All Religious Figures Were Aliens, CIA Cover-Up Proven

Wednesday, 23 July 2014 - 3:28PM
Wednesday, 23 July 2014 - 3:28PM
Aetherius Society Believes All Religious Figures Were Aliens, CIA Cover-Up Proven
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Jesus and Buddha were aliens from Venus, while Krishna was from Saturn, according to the New Age UFO religion called the Aetherius Society. In a recent interview with VICE magazine, the current leader of the religion, Richard Lawrence, discussed these beliefs, as well as the "proven" government cover-ups of UFO sightings and extraterrestrial contact.


"We're not the one and only way, we just introduce a cosmic dimension to spirituality. So we believe that some of the great spiritual leaders such as Jesus, Buddha, Gandhi and Sophocles were all in fact aliens sent to help us. It's not everyone's cup of tea; it could be regarded as heretical by some religions."


The religion was founded by a man named George King, who never claimed to be one of these god-like aliens. However, after his death in 1997, his followers decided that he was, in fact, a spiritual leader from another planet. In Lawrence's words, "Yes, he was one of those beings that have come from another world and lived among us, and was born through the womb of an earth woman. In fact his mother and grandmother also believed that. At his birth it is believed his grandmother even said, 'Mary, this child is not of this Earth!' ... His mother was actually called Mary – but he never compared himself to Jesus at all and certainly wouldn't allow that. But, if you look at what he did and what we believe then it fits."


He discussed the increase in UFO sightings over recent years, and revealed that he had, in fact, seen a UFO: "It was a cigar-shaped object – probably a mothership – that was moving very slowly in the sky, illuminating it. It was on the news that there was a UFO sighting so we drove out to this field to see it. The government used to wheel people out to explain these. I mean, a professor at our university said it was a barium cloud. Barium clouds don't behave in that way. In fact, the explanations for UFOs are a study in themselves. Hilarious, some of them."


Although he didn't offer any definitive evidence, he confidently asserted that there has been a government cover-up: "Beyond any doubt. That's actually proven. There's been CIA cover-ups. In fact, I've brought CIA papers to this country that were released under the Freedom of Information Act... They used to have a UFO department in the Ministry of Defence, but because they were getting all these questions they closed it. This was on the grounds that it had no 'defence value,' saying that they had 'no opinion of the existence of extra-terrestrial life.' 'No opinion' can you believe it? All rather convenient."


Although aliens take on a Messiah-like significance within this religion, Lawrence conceded that there are evil aliens as well, from whom we have been protected by the alien race that spawned Jesus. When asked why certain aliens are hostile, Lawrence responded: "Well that's a good question for VICE, isn't it… why do people go to war?"


Finally, he hypothesized the rationale for the aliens failing to make themselves known to the general public: "They are far more aware than we are of the psychology of the terrestrial mind. Panic and hostility would be the result. I would say that for anybody who wanted to know, the evidence is there. If they don't choose to look into it, or to deny it because it's inconvenient to their belief system, then the beings haven't yet chosen to force them to change. There's a plan though, a long-term plan. They will prove themselves at the time that is in the best interest of the human race. There will be a Coming."


The Aetherius Society believes that all religions originate from the same source, and as a result have essentially the same tenets. They believe that aliens have come throughout history in the form of certain humans born to Earth mothers in order to teach mankind the correct way to live. They are also supportive of the environmental movement, as they believe the Earth is a living entity in a much more evolved state, and that "Mother Earth" is far more important that her inhabitants. They subscribe to a belief in reincarnation, as well as cosmic battles between good and evil aliens that resemble the "spiritual warfare" of Christianity. Like Christianity, their religion espouses a belief in a moral duality, or a strict dichotomy between good and evil. They also conform with many New Age practices, such as alternative medicine, spiritual healing, yoga, and dowsing.


Below is their official video explaining the impending "Great Change," in which the aliens will make themselves known to us and usher in a utopian era of respect, peace, and love:



In this video, Richard Lawrence discusses the role of UFO sightings in the imminent Coming of the aliens: "The apparently ever-growing sightings of extraterrestrial spacecraft is an essential aspect of the Divine plan for the spiritual awakening of humanity." He asserts that they are trying to prepare us for their arrival by revealing themselves gradually.


According to George King, the benevolent aliens have contacted all of the major world governments, but an insidious organization called "The Silence Group" works through fear and secrecy to hide this fact from the public. 

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