All 29 Marvel and DC Movie Release Dates Mapped Out Through 2020

Thursday, 07 August 2014 - 10:13AM
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Thursday, 07 August 2014 - 10:13AM
All 29 Marvel and DC Movie Release Dates Mapped Out Through 2020
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Yesterday evening, Warner Bros. and DC Comics announced that their highly anticipated tent pole,  Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice, would be moving to the new release date of March 25th 2016. Naturally most of the attention centered on the fact that DC had blinked first in their game of chicken with rivals Marvel, but buried into the announcement was also the fact that Warner Bros. and DC Comics have mapped out their movie line-up right up to the end of 2020. 


As it stands, DC's cinematic universe will see 10 films released between now and the end of 2020, add to that extra dates inMarvel's announcement from July, as well as everything Fox and Sony are doing to try and keep up, and you have an incredible 29 (TWENTY NINE!!) adaptations of Marvel and DC comic book properties over the next 6.5 years. 


So, here's how the comic book movie landscape is shaping up. 29 dates and only handful of them have titles attached. With the likes of Doctor Strange, Wonder Woman and Shazam all rumored to be getting origin stories it would seem that the remainder of this decade is going to be an dream for rumor mongers everywhere.


05/01/15 Avengers: Age of Ultron (MCU)


06/19/15 Fantastic Four (Fox)


07/17/15 Ant-Man (MCU)


03/25/16 Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (DC)


05/06/16 Captain America 3 (MCU)


05/27/16 X-Men: Apocalypse (Fox)


07/08/16 Untitled Marvel Film (MCU) Doctor Strange?


08/05/16 Untitled DC Film (DC) Shazam?


11/11/16 Sinister Six (Sony)


03/03/17 Wolverine sequel (Fox)


05/05/17 Untitled Marvel Film (MCU)


06/23/17 Untitled DC Film (DC) Justice League?


07/14/17 Fantastic Four sequel (Fox)


07/28/17 Guardians of the Galaxy 2(MCU)


11/03/17 Untitled Marvel Film (MCU)


11/17/17 Untitled DC Film (DC) Wonder Woman?


2017 - Female Spider-Man Spin-Off (Sony)


03/23/18 Untitled DC Film (DC)


05/04/18 Untitled Marvel Film (MCU) Avengers 3?


07/06/18 Untitled Marvel Film (MCU)


07/13/18 Untitled Marvel Film (Fox)


07/27/18 Untitled DC Film (DC)


11/02/18 Untitled Marvel Film (MCU)


2018 - Amazing Spider-Man 3 (Sony)


04/05/19 Untitled DC Film (DC)


05/03/19 Untitled Marvel Film (MCU)


06/14/19 Untitled DC Film (DC)


04/03/20 Untitled DC Film (DC)


06/19/20 Untitled DC Film (DC)


That's an awful lot of comic book on the big screen. To break it down a bit more, here are a few more stats:


Movies by year:


2015 - 3

2016 - 6

2017 - 8

2018 - 7

2019 - 3

2020 - 3


Other notes:

-It's clear that Marvel now own the prized May release date. Marvel studios has 5 films planned on May release dates through 2019, DC has 0


- Instead, DC has opted for a more diversified approach, scheduling movies across March, April, June, July and November


- There is not a single release date clash between any of the four studios. The closest distance between any of these movies is 2 weeks. 



As an aside, WB Also announced two 'Event Films' for the dates below - These are widely expected to be Harry Potter spin-offs.

11/16/18 Untitled WB Event Film - Fantastic Beasts Harry Potter Spin-Off

11/20/20 Untitled WB Event Film

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