All 23 Actors Who Are Supposedly Playing Dr. Strange

Wednesday, 15 October 2014 - 10:11AM
Doctor Strange
Wednesday, 15 October 2014 - 10:11AM
All 23 Actors Who Are Supposedly Playing Dr. Strange
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Everyone in Hollywood and his brother is playing Dr. Strange. The rumor mill has been playing the "boy who cried wolf" game for months now concerning the casting of Dr. Stephen Vincent Strange, with Joaquin Phoenix the only actor to be confirmed for negotiations (which promptly fell through). Now that Phoenix is out of the picture, the rumor mill has started again, with five actors supposedly on Marvel's shortlist. Here is an approximately chronological list of rumored actors for the part, with Variety's newest purported shortlist at the bottom. We also included the sources, and in all fairness, most of the reputable outlets freely admitted that the reports were rumors. The worst offenders surprisingly weren't our favorite rumor mongerers, Latino Review and Badass Digest, but This Is Infamous, which published several "exclusives" that these actors were actually "in talks" for the role.


-Patrick Dempsey

(LA Times)


-Johnny Depp (Latino Review)



-Jon Hamm (This Is Infamous)



-Jared Leto (Deadline)



-Joseph Gordon-Levitt (Latino Review)



-Nestor Carbonell (Comic Book Movie)


-Skeet Ulrich (Comic Book Movie)


-Mads Mikkelsen (Bleeding Cool)


-Justin Theroux (Chud)



-Jim Caviezel (Moviepilot)


-Adrien Brody (Comic Book Movie)


-Aiden Gillen (Fan campaign, Comic Book Movie)


-Edgar Ramirez (IGN)


-Benedict Cumberbatch (Deadline)



-Tom Hardy (Deadline)



-Jack Huston (This Is Infamous)


-Joaquin Phoenix (Collider)



-Keanu Reeves (Fan campaigns, Screenrant)



-Ethan Hawke (This Is Infamous)


-Ewan McGregor (Badass Digest)



-Matthew McConaughey (Variety)



-Jake Gyllenhaal (Variety)



-Oscar Isaac (Variety)



So, of this laundry list of stars, who is actually still in the running? According to the normally-reliable Variety, there are 6 actors still in for running for what appears to be the most coveted role in Hollywood right now:

- Jake Gyllenhaal

- Oscar Isaac

- Ethan Hawke

- Ewan McGregor

- Matthew McConaughey

- Jared Leto

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