All 29 Upcoming Marvel and DC Comics Movies Mapped Out Through 2020

Wednesday, 15 October 2014 - 3:12PM
DC Comics
Wednesday, 15 October 2014 - 3:12PM
All 29 Upcoming Marvel and DC Comics Movies Mapped Out Through 2020
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Earlier today, Warner Bros. made the huge move to formally announce their entire line-up of upcoming DC Comics movies from 2016 through to 2020. Movies for DC superheroes including Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, Aquaman and Shazam were all confirmed as well as a duo of Justice League movies and solo titles for Superman and Batman. Heck, there was even the surprising announcement that Cyborg would be getting his own movie. Revealing so many titles this far ahead of their release dates is a bold move, but with Marvel piling on success after success, bold moves are a necessity if they hope to compete. Also wrapped up in this announcement were casting and crew details for a handful of the newly-announced movies with Ezra Miller confirmed to play The Flash, Jason Momoa (finally) being confirmed as Aquaman, and Dwayne Johnson playing the lead villain in Shazam.


Marvel had been playing their cards close to their chest, but the news that Robert Downey Jr. will bring Iron Man to Captain America 3 has everyone talking about a cinematic adaptation of Marvel's hugely popular Civil War series, which coincidentally will be making a return in summer 2015. This development added credence to the earlier rumors that Marvel had been making moves to bring Spider-Man to the MCU, as the webslinger plays a major part in the Civil War story.


And let's not forget about Fox and Sony's plans for future Marvel movies, either. Fox's Fantastic Four will hit cinemas in summer 2015 with X-Men: Apocalypse following a year later. Sony's efforts to build their own cinematic universe center on their 2016 Sinister Six movie and the female-centric Amazing Spider-Man spin-off, which is slated for 2017. 


That's an awfully large number of comic book movies for such a short amount of time, and there could still be more projects announced in the coming months. So what does this all mean for the future landscape of DC and Marvel movies? The list below maps it out:  


05/01/15 Avengers: Age of Ultron (MCU)


06/19/15 Fantastic Four (Fox)


07/17/15 Ant-Man (MCU)


03/25/16 Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (DC)


05/06/16 Captain America 3 - Civil War (MCU)


05/27/16 X-Men: Apocalypse (Fox)


07/08/16 Doctor Strange (MCU) 


08/05/16 Suicide Squad? (DC)


11/11/16 Sinister Six (Sony)


03/03/17 Wolverine sequel (Fox)


05/05/17 Untitled Marvel Film (MCU)


06/23/17 Wonder Woman (DC)?


07/14/17 Fantastic Four sequel (Fox)


07/28/17 Guardians of the Galaxy 2(MCU)


11/03/17 Untitled Marvel Film (MCU)


11/17/17 Justice League? (DC)


2017 - Female Spider-Man Spin-Off (Sony)


03/23/18 The Flash (DC)


05/04/18 Untitled Marvel Film (MCU) Avengers 3?


07/06/18 Untitled Marvel Film (MCU)


07/13/18 Untitled Marvel Film (Fox)


07/27/18 Aquaman (DC)


11/02/18 Untitled Marvel Film (MCU)


2018 - Amazing Spider-Man 3 (Sony)


04/05/19 Shazam (DC)


05/03/19 Untitled Marvel Film (MCU)


06/14/19 Justice League 2 (DC)


04/03/20 Cyborg (DC)


06/19/20 Green Lantern (DC)


When you look at this from a Warner Bros. perspective, absolutely everything hinges on the success of Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice. If the characters introduced in this movie don't make a big enough splash, there's no way they can feasibly go on to create solo movies, and it even calls into question the viability of two Justice League movies. However, if Zack Snyder gets it right and creates a box-office smash, there's no telling what this universe could go on to achieve.


Marvel's standing is somewhat more secure. With the wild success of Guardians of the Galaxy, the sense is that there's nothing Marvel Studios can't achieve. However, all it would take would be a less than spectacular performance by next year's Ant Man and the doubters will inevitably shoot from out behind the woodwork to call doomsday on the whole comic book movie genre. But even if Ant Man doesn't succeed, you'd still happily bet your house on Marvel dusting themselves off by way of victories with Doctor Strange and the huge Captain America 3.


Personally, I feel that the best case scenario is one of healthy competition. Up until now, Warner Bros. has been made to look like the whipping boy to Marvel's High School bully. If Dawn of Justice is as good as it needs to be, it has the ability to ignite the DC cinematic universe while taking this entire genre to a completely different level.

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