Total Recall, Snowpiercer and Other Great Movies Coming To Netflix In November

Thursday, 30 October 2014 - 10:12AM
Thursday, 30 October 2014 - 10:12AM
Total Recall, Snowpiercer and Other Great Movies Coming To Netflix In November
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November is almost upon us and that means shorter days, colder nights and of course a whole load of new offerings available on Netflix streaming. This month Netflix has offered up a number of sci-fi classics such as Arnold Schwarzenegger's Total Recall as well as a 2014 sci-fi movie that got a lot of talking. Here are some of our highlights for November's new additions to Netflix. Full list of new movies and TV shows at the bottom of the page.


Total Recall (1990) - Online from November 1st


Don't let the 2012 remake leave a bad impression on this title. Arnold Schwarzenegger's 1990 Total Recall is a genuine sci-fi classic, with some iconic moments that defined the genre during the late 80's early 90's, and we're not just talking about the three-breasted lady. The 1990's movie has a pace that goes beyond its 2012 successor in every way and the action scenes and suspense are consistently top notch.



The Rocketeer (1991) - Online from November 1st


Visually, The Rocketeer always feels a bit like a B-Movie production that stumbled across a bundle of cash, but that's all part of its retro charm. Following a young pilot in the 1930's, The Rocketeer has everything you could want from a Sunday afternoon movie: Nazis, Jetpacks and some of the most cliched dialogue around.



The Core (2003) - Online from November 1st


Ok this is, by no stretch of the imagination, a classic, but The Core does have a few fans out there nonetheless. Even if you're not a fan, it's worth watching just to review all of the terrible factual inaccuracies that are dotted throughout the movie. You can see what a scientist thinks of John Amiel's movie right here.



Star Trek VI : The Undiscovered Country (1991) - Online from November 1st


The Undiscovered Country is definitely up there with the best Star Trek movies, and that's no surprise because it was directed by Nicholas Meyer, the man who brought us THE best Star Trek movie, Wrath of Khan. Undiscovered Country sees Kirk nearing the end of his days as Captain of the Enterprise, but Spock has no plans to let him retire in peace, dragging his superior into a mission to save the Klingons from extinction. Unfortunately, burying the hatchet after almost a century of war is not an easy thing to do, for either side.



Snowpiercer - Online from November 22nd


I don't know why, but Snowpiercer was one of those movies that divided many sci-fi fans. Personally, I loved it. Granted, it was savagely depressing, but that's exactly what you want from a dystopian movie. Snowpiercer balances out its bleak outlook with bizarre moments of whimsy, genuinely interesting characters and some of the wildest action scenes I've seen all year. Snowpiercer is truly one of the great genre movies of 2014.


Here's a full list of what's coming to Netflix for November 2014.


Movies - November 1st unless oth

About Cherry (Nov. 30)

Altman (Nov. 4)


Babes In Toyland

Beyond the Edge (Nov. 25)

Fading Gigolo (Nov. 5)

The Grand Seduction (Nov. 30)

Happy Christmas (Nov. 23)

Hell is for Heroes

Ida (Nov. 22)


La Bare (Nov. 12)

Louder Than Words (Nov. 8)

Nebraska (Nov. 8)

Not Yet Begin the Flight (Nov. 11)

The One I Love (Nov. 29)

The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement (Nov. 3)

Quartet (Nov. 11)

Sabotage (Nov. 19)

Sinbad: The Fifth Voyage (Nov. 15)

Small Town Santa (Nov. 13)

Snowpiercer (Nov. 22)


The Rocketeer

Running from Crazy (Nov. 25)

Trading Mom

Trailer Park Boys 3: Don't Legalize it (Nov. 29)

Trailer Park Boys Live At The North Pole (Nov. 15)

Total Recall

Virunga (Nov. 7)

War Story (Nov. 25)


TV Shows

"Bali," Season 1

"Bomb Girls," Season 3 (Nov. 26)

"Doc Martin," Series 6 (Nov. 15)

"Helix," Season 1 (Nov. 10)

"It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia," Season 9

"Lilyhammer," Season 3 (Nov. 21)

"Nikita," Season 4 (Nov. 22)

"Portlandia," Season 4

"VeggieTales in the House" (Nov. 26)

"Workblood," Season 2 (Nov. 15)

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